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Cowboys, Detectives, And Horses

My Dearest Dulcina;
It is hard to believe that it has been six months since we
met on the white sands of the Cape Sable beaches. The
first day I saw you I watched as you provocatively
stretched your lithe body on your blanket in the sand, and
later when you walked by with your two sma ll daughters,
the fragrance of your perfume captured my attention.Your
little girls are so charming and there can be no doubt
where their golden blonde hair and crystal blue eyes come
from; they look like miniature porcela in dolls; miniatures
of you, my love.
I have been unable to sleep. I lie awake at night, thinking
of you and that last enchanting evening we shared while
walking our dogs on the beach; when we sat at the water‟s
edge, digging our toes in the sand while we watched the
water break along the shore and how the stars sparkled
and danced in your eyes; when we talked about our
dreams and our lives and how unfulfilled we had become