Covert Product Selling Principles HTML version

7 Attract people to link to your web site. You could
offer them a discount on the products you sell or give
them free items for linking. For example, you could
say, "Get A Huge 30% Discount On Our E-book If
You Agree To Link To Our Web Site For At Least
One Month!”
8 Develop your own opt-in email list by giving your
visitors a reason to give you their e-mail address.
Allow them to sign up to free items and contests.
Just get their permission to e-mail them again in the
future for other things. For example, you could
say, "Sign Up For Your Chance To Win A Color
9 Create a "PR" web page for your business. List
information that could be considered newsworthy
for e-zines, newspapers, magazines, etc. There are
many ways to get into the media, like launching a
unusual product, donating a large amount to charity,
holding big events, etc.
10 Give your business and products credibility by
linking to web sites that have written positive stories
about your business. You could link to them right
in your product ad. For example, you could say,
"Just See What (name) Magazine Is Saying About
Our Newest E-book!"
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