Covert Product Selling Principles HTML version

3 Find out who are your strongest leads for buying
your product by offering a free e-zine. The visitors
who are very interested will subscribe to it. Once
they have subscribed, you can sell them related
products again and again. Just make sure your
e-zine has enough original content to keep them
4 Team up with your competition by starting an
association for your specific industry. It could lead
to a profitable partnership with them. You could
give all the members graphic links to place on their
home pages. This would increase your membership
and business exposure.
5 Publish an e-zine for your employees. This could
motivate them to do a better job or keep them
advised on where your business is headed. For
example, you could include articles about friendly
customer service, being more productive, getting
along with other employees, employee profiles, etc.
Chapter 2
6 Search for your business' name in newsgroups
and discussion boards. Some of the comments you
find could help you improve your business. For
example, you could find someone complaining about
your customer service, an employee, your web site
design, product, etc. Then you'll know what to
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