Covert Product Selling Principles HTML version

The Table Of Contents
Chapter 1- Principles 1-5
Chapter 2- Principles 6-10
Chapter 3- Principles 11-15
Chapter 4- Principles 16-20
Chapter 5- Principles 21-25
Chapter 6- Principles 26-30
Chapter 1
1 Multiply your marketing and advertising efforts
on the Internet. You can accomplish this by starting
an affiliate program, using viral marketing or both.
For example, you could start an affiliate program
and give your affiliates customized e-books with
their own affiliate links to give away.
2 Increase your ratio of visitors who purchase your
product(s). You could change your headline, offer a
stronger guarantee, add testimonials, etc. For
example, one week you could have your headline
say, "How To Lose 5 Pounds In Two Days!" and
the next week use, "Lose 5 Pounds In Only 48
Hours!" Just see which one pulls more orders per
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