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The Process of Becoming a “Corporate Flipper”®
Purchasing a Corporation
The first step is to purchase “The Right” corporation. When you purchase a
corporation you must make sure it is a corporation that is likely to sell. In order to
ensure this you must purchase the corporation the “right” way. We will show you a
little later how you can get this done.
Developing a Corporation
Once you have the corporation you have the option of developing the
corporation. When you develop the corporation properly you will increase its value.
Selling a Corporation
Once you have purchased and while the company is being developed you
should have your company listed for sale. As your company ages and develops it
becomes more valuable but it automatically has some value when it comes out of the
box. According to the chart above a one month old Shelf Corporation sold for over
$800. This is not a bad return on investment for something that costs a couple of
hundred dollars.
Turn Key Solution
I understand that for many new business owners, especially us work at home
types, don’t have a lot of money or a lot of time to learn everything there is to know
about a new business. It is for that reason that we have developed a way for you to
get into the “Corporate Flipper ®” business with very little effort or money. I will
assist you with ALL the phases of building, developing, and selling your Shelf
Corporation. All you have to do is let me.
Purchasing Assistance
The first step of being a Corporate Flipper ® is to file articles of incorporation
in the state you want to have your company in. The name must be thoroughly
researched to make sure you are not buying a name that already exists or has
outstanding debt or lawsuits against it. You also must make sure there are no
trademarks that could be infringed upon. You must also have the name registered
properly so that the future buyers do not “lose” the age developed by the
As part of our turnkey solution we will choose a name that will have the
absolute best resell value, we will then do a complete and thorough research of
name to make sure we rule out any future problems.
Once the name is complete we will begin working on the development of the
Shelf Corporation
Development Assistance
Once the company is created we will determine a base price for it and list it
on our retail website . Although the company now has
some value we want to maximize the value of the corporation.
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