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What is a Shelf Corporation?
A shelf corporation is a corporation that has already been formed. In most
cases it will not have conducted business. It does not hold assets, and has not
incurred liability.
What types of Shelf Corporations are there?
Shelf corporations can be of any type of legal entity. This includes U.S.
Corporations and Limited Liability Corporations.
How is a shelf corporation’s age determined?
The age on a shelf corporation begins from the date it was born “date of
incorporation” As of this date the company starts the ageing process. Stroh’s
Brewery has been incorporated since 1775 and although ALL of the original
stockholders and officers are long gone, the companies age remains completely
“Shelf” Corporations….Like Fine Wine
There is a very large market for “shelf” corporations. A search on any search
engine will immediately show you the value of a “shelf” corporation, especially as it
gets older.
Unlike some of us we will now be excited to see a birthday roll around, Our
Companies Birthday that is!!! You see Shelf Corporations are like fine wine they
increase in value with age.
I reproduced a chart below from the internet that shows you how much
companies are currently selling “Shelf” corporations for.
By the time you finish this book you too will be able to earn money by
“Flipping Corporations®
Table 1 (This list was pulled as of the date I created this book and is a representation of how age
affects the value of shelf corporations)
0.17 year(s)
0.52 year(s)
0.52 year(s)
0.61 year(s)
0.66 year(s)
0.69 year(s)
0.69 year(s)
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