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Getting Started

Company Creation

To get started you must pay us the fee listed below or on our website at . The fee schedule below cannot be updated on a regular basis so please make sure you visit the website before making your final decision. Due to the fact that most of the fee is used to cover state filing fees all fees are subject to change without notice.

We have found that the cheapest option will almost always be in your state or the state of Florida (where we are located). If we Incorporate in your state or in the state of Florida we don’t need to hire a registered agent which can cost over $150 per year.

Table 2 - Fees



Connecticut Delaware
Massachusetts Michigan
$275 Montana $250 $440 Nebraska $315 $290 Nevada $365 $220 New Hampshire $350 $275 New Jersey $325 $225 New Mexico $280 $470 New York $315 $245 North Carolina $310 $390 North Dakota $285 $245 Ohio $310 $389 Oklahoma $230 $380 Oregon $220 $280 Pennsylvania $325 $370 Rhode Island $440 $280 South Carolina $449 $230 South Dakota $290 $285 Tennessee $305 $230 Texas $480 $320 Utah $300 $349 Vermont $270 $305 Virginia $265 $480 Washington $375 $245 West Virginia $290 $349 Wisconsin $300 $230 Wyoming $280 $230 .

Once we receive your payment we will send you an agreement that states that you are the owner of the company but have hired us to purchase, market, and sell the aged corporation on your behalf.

Company Development

Further development of the shelf corporation is completely optional. When I speak about development of your corporation I mean developing the company in such a way that buyers of shelf corporations will choose your company versus someone else’s and be willing to pay more for it.

One of the reasons people buy shelf corporations is so they can obtain credit. Lenders however do not solely rely on company age to determine credit worthiness. Lenders are looking for legitimacy.

A legitimate company has the following

· Age
· Corporate Stamps, Stock, Minutes, etc · Business License
· Employer Identification Number
· Business Bank Account
· Business Stationary
· Website with Matching Domain Name · Phone Number Listed with Directory Assistance · Business Address
· Business Credit References
· Dun and Bradstreet Number

The more you can offer a potential customer in the way of legitimacy the more you can charge. The problem for new Corporate Flipper ®s is they have a limited amount to invest.


In our experience most competitors will include a corporate kit at a minimum. You can expect to pay $99 for this corporate kit when your shelf corporation sells.

The items that give the most bang for their buck is a Business Bank Account, Business Credit References, and a Dun and Bradstreet Number. You can easily demand thousands extra if you develop these items early (We charge you $1,500 to set all this up for your shelf corporation)

Other items can be developed for you just call us for pricing.

Company Selling

We market your shelf corporation several ways


· We have our retail site at

· We sell Shelf Corporations to customers of our business credit builder program at
· We sell Shelf Corporations to Business Credit Brokers and Consultants so they can use them with their clients.

Our fee for marketing and selling your aged corporation will be 50% of the base retail price shown below minus your cost for incorporating. This is considered a basic sale
Since we know and understand the importance of properly developing a Shelf Company we will in certain cases pay for some of the development costs. However in those cases our fees will be 50% of the base retail price listed minus the incorporation fee you paid and 90% of all fees above the base. This would be considered an advanced sale

This means…….
Basic Sale (No development of company)
1 year 2 Month Florida Corp (Customer Pays $1,200)

Base Sale Price $1,200
Your Upfront Fees $245
Total profit $955
Our Share (50%) $477.50
Your Share $722.50 ($1,200 minus $477.50 Paid to us)

Advanced Sale (If we pay to improve development of company and value)
1 year 2 Month Florida Corp w/ extra features
Total Paid by Customer $1,800 ($600 above Basic Sale)

Base Sales Price Your Upfront Fees Total profit
Our Share (50%) Your Share
$722.50 ($1,200 minus $477.50 Paid to us)

Price over Base Total profit
Our Share (90%) Your Share
$60 ($600 minus $540 Paid to us)

The Standard Sales Price for an AGED Shelf Corporation is as follows

Age Retail Price
1 months $500
2 months $525
3 months $550
4 months $575
5 months $600
6 months $650
7 months $700
8 months $750
9 months $800
10 months $850
11 months $900
1 year $1,000
1 year 1 month $1,100
1 year 2 months $1,200
1 year 3 months $1,300
1 year 4 months $1,400 Age
1 year 5 months 1 year 6 month 1 year 7 months 1 year 8 months 1 year 9 months 1 year 10 months 1 year 11 month 2 years
2 years 6 months 3 years
3 years 6 months 4 years
4 years 6 months 5 years
Over 5 years
Retail Price
+ $2,000 per year