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Turn Key Solution

I understand that for many new business owners, especially us work at home types, don’t have a lot of money or a lot of time to learn everything there is to know about a new business. It is for that reason that we have developed a way for you to get into the “Corporate Flipper ®” business with very little effort or money. I will assist you with ALL the phases of building, developing, and selling your Shelf Corporation. All you have to do is let me.

Purchasing Assistance

The first step of being a Corporate Flipper ® is to file articles of incorporation in the state you want to have your company in. The name must be thoroughly researched to make sure you are not buying a name that already exists or has outstanding debt or lawsuits against it. You also must make sure there are no trademarks that could be infringed upon. You must also have the name registered properly so that the future buyers do not “lose” the age developed by the corporation.

As part of our turnkey solution we will choose a name that will have the absolute best resell value, we will then do a complete and thorough research of name to make sure we rule out any future problems.

Once the name is complete we will begin working on the development of the Shelf Corporation

Development Assistance

Once the company is created we will determine a base price for it and list it on our retail website . Although the company now has some value we want to maximize the value of the corporation.

A company’s value can be maximized by taking a few small steps to make the company more appealing to the end buyer. To make a company more appealing we attempt to do the following

· Create a corporate kit for the company that includes the following

oCorporate Binder
oCorporate Seal
oStock Certificates with Corporate Name
o Stock transfer Ledger
o Checklist, instructions, and worksheets
o Customized Corporate Minutes
o Customized Corporate Bylaws
o Customized Corporate Agreements with corporate name

§ Waiver of Notice and Minutes of Annual Meeting of

§ Waiver of Notice and Minutes of Annual Meeting of Directors. § Minutes of Special Shareholders Meeting.
§ Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders.
§ Notice of Organizational Meeting of Incorporators and Directors. § Waiver of Notice of Organizational Meeting of Directors. § Waiver of Notice of Organizational Meeting of Incorporators. § Director(s) Resignation.
§ Notice of Special Meeting of Shareholders.
§ Notice of Special Meeting of Directors.
§ Resolution granting Power of Attorney.
§ Special Power of Attorney.
§ Proxy.
§ Independent Contractor Agreement.
§ Buy-Sell Agreement.
§ Employment Agreement.
§ Banking Resolution.
§ Cafeteria Plan.
§ Cafeteria Plan Employee Benefit Election.
§ Medical Expense Plan.
§ Death Benefit Plan.
§ Voting Trust.
§ Stock Subscription.
§ Executed Stock Subscription.
§ Stock Purchases.
§ Written statement organizing corporation.
§ S Corporation.
§ Section 248 Election.
§ Consent of Incorporators to Election of Initial Directors § Election of Directors.
§ Election of Officers.
§ Waiver of Shareholders Financial Reporting.
§ Corporate Indemnification Plan.

· Provide an Employee Identification Number
· Open a Bank Account in companies name
· Buy a matching Domain Name
· Create a Website
· Set up a physical office
· Set up a phone number in directory assistance
· Create Business Credit

All of these development items are optional but each one of them will make your company a little more appealing than someone else’s. It’s like in real estate, you can buy a house, wait for the market to change and sell it without doing anything to it, but, if you remodeled the house, painted it and made it look a little more appealing you could ask top dollar for it.

We will work at getting as much of the development stage done, of course this is all based on your budget which we will get to shortly.

Selling Your Company

In order to sell your company it must be marketed properly. is our retail website. We market this website throughout the internet to find buyers. We also grow our own buyers through our business credit building program at