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Create Business Credit
All of these development items are optional but each one of them will make
your company a little more appealing than someone else’s. It’s like in real estate,
you can buy a house, wait for the market to change and sell it without doing
anything to it, but, if you remodeled the house, painted it and made it look a
little more appealing you could ask top dollar for it.
We will work at getting as much of the development stage done, of course
this is all based on your budget which we will get to shortly.
Selling Your Company
In order to sell your company it must be marketed properly. is our retail website. We market this website throughout
the internet to find buyers. We also grow our own buyers through our business credit
building program at
How does being a Corporate Flipper® help me?
If you are anything like me you have been searching for some time for a
business opportunity that is legit, fair, and can be done from home. Becoming a
Corporate Flipper ® will allow you to work from home, earn a fair compensation, and
is very legit. Most of the companies currently selling Shelf Corporations are
This opportunity is ideal for those that need to start out slow because of cash
flow issues, but can be used by those who have money who can develop 10 – 20
corporations immediately.
This program is also good for those just starting out in the business world or
those that are about to retire and don’t have any retirement savings.
Imagine starting off with just one company at a cost of about $225 and
selling it a few months later and realizing a profit of several hundred dollars
Imagine doing just one company per month and letting them all age for 1
year each and earning a thousand dollars on each of them.
Once you start making money doing this you will want to invest in more and
more companies. You can easily earn $1,000 - $10,000 extra income per month.
Getting Started
Company Creation
To get started you must pay us the fee listed below or on our website at . The fee schedule below cannot be updated on a
regular basis so please make sure you visit the website before making your final decision.
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