Coranite Chronicles: The Judge


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When it is discovered that the Judges--the mythical assassins who walk the shadows to silence criminals--are real, the Galactic Federation begins the hunt to bring down the deadly vigilantes. Darek, a delivery boy, is the first suspect. Fearing for his life, Darek flees to a distant world. But the world is nothing like he imagined. Monsters lurk at every step and only traces of civilized life remain. With no way off the planet, Darek loses all hope. But when he finds two others who are also stranded--the reckless heroine called Azura and the cold-blooded assassin named Sorren--they set off on a journey across the desolate land. Together, they must battle monsters, incite a revolution, survive the wrath of spirits, and uncover a frightening plot that threatens the fate of the universe.


cant stand when authors mix magic, and space, and technology and a story that was flat out wtf.


Many twists and turns . Good reading.


Awesome story,as before. Thank you for all the hard work :)


the story is really good..... its fantastic... must read fr fiction lovers who love magic and belive in fate.... thumbs up to author...i am looking forward for d nxt part...


Good book that got me interested eniugh to finish the rest of the series and the authors other books.

Daniel Redmon

Started off as a take it or leave it book but then got better exponentially

Harland Brough

For a younger audience but still entertaining.

aaron weeks

This was very good, I cant wait for all 8 of the following books Egan write faster!


I like the flow of the book keeps you guessing. want book 2

Rena Chua Cua

very futuristic, yummy for imagination :-)

Desiree Bubb

This was a great read with many twists and turns. I never got bored.

Cherry Anand

good book. really intresting sci-fi work.


i had a hard time putting it down to sleep!


the book is interesting,really what the remaining story

David Krieg

Seems to be written by a middle-schooler. Pretty good basic story idea but poor writing makes it unbearable.


really good one. must read


Very disjointed, and a bit over the top.

Latasha Campbell

This book is awesome, i can't wait for the sequel

John Winnard

Awesome book - could not stop reading. Please write the follow ups!!

Iulian Cotun

Great book. Easy to read. Waiting for sequels. PS: lose the cyborg character

Lindsay Gorrie

Meets the target age group nicely - it's a shame that I'm a long way outside of that age group, but I like stories that I can just read and enjoy. This is one of those. Fun, simply written with no great social judgements hidden away underneath for you to ferret out. The 'hero' is likeable and believable; the storyline is good.

Laura Ann Moylan

I adored this book and I want MORE!


Written well,just mind blowing.


fanciful a but simple but compeling


As a child I read many fairy tales and this book is a fairy tale for grown ups ...


Good book. Very exciting history. Sometimes the history is a little bit confusing, but the overall is good. I am waiting for the others book...


Entertaining and well worth the read!

Indranie Dabideen

Very good book, you could imagine yourself there with the characters, seeing what they were seeing. excellent!


Jumps around a bit but overall a good story

Lloyd Carlisle

Eagerly awaiting for more.


Great book. Read the whole thing in a day.


It is the type of story I like, I had to keep reading it as much as possible until I finished


superb book full of entertainment


Cool concept! I really enjoyed reading this.

John Snyder

Great read, waiting for the next in the series.

Amanda Kvamme

I loved this book! There needs to be a second and third book!! :-) Wonderful!!


I love it when will there be another?


Nothing is ever explained...its just one weird happenstance after another

Jonathan Fatkins

Great 7.5 of -10 to 10. A little too fast action-wise

Bryant Mack III

Very good read. Would like to read Part 2 if possible.

Bob Green

Gave the first five pages a try and felt no reason to read further. It may get great later, but I'll never find out. If a writer can't grab a reader in the first few pages, his manuscript is in need of revision.


Great Book! i want more it was really great i cant wait to read the follow up if it comes!

Brett Ward

Loved the book. Awesome! Where is Part Two?


It is one of those books that keep you turning the pages

Pat H

An enjoyable read once you get into the characters

Steve B

Was riveted by the story and can not wait for the next book to be released

seth morgul

cool... makes minutes precious

keith barrett

Lots of action with the leading character encountering different dangers and situations.


Egan Yip

Please check out my blog for the sequel to Coranite Chronicles: the Judge.

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