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Joe glanced once more at Mike, “Yea, Mike one more?”
Michael was over at the far side of the bar washing mugs and glasses. “Yep, Joe
another Bud!” wiping his hands on a rag as he spoke.
Joe took a deep breath. He was so tired these days. A few moments of peace
passed. He noticed someone out of the corner of his eye, remembering the beer he had
wanted. “Yeah, Mike another one.”
Mike nodded, pulled a frosty cold mug from a lower bar refrigerator, pulling the
tap, the amber ale filling the mug. “How is the family doing Joe? You don’t talk much
about them anymore.”
“Yeah, I know Mike.” Joe turned a bit in his bar stool to view the raven-haired
woman at the other end of the bar who was sitting at a small table. She seemed to be
watching them and at the same time watching the light traffic on the road.
Michael brought the freshly poured beer over to Joseph flipping a cardboard
coaster, setting the beer on it. He rubbed his beard. “You really should loosen up a bit,
relax Joe...families are families, they all have issues.”
Joe turned to the woman a bit further. “Yeah, Mike.”
The woman gave Joe a crooked smile and took a sip of her scotch on the rocks.
Danny abruptly and quite loud remarking to them both, “Yep Mikee, families do
have families!” at what Michael had said to Joseph.
Michael hearing Danny, cheerfully walked away nodding to himself. “That’s true
Danny boy, very true.”
Danny smiled very satisfied to have pleased Michael's sense of humor and irony.
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