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Chapter 1
“Joe Joe, why do they make beer with bubbles?” Danny asked with innate
curiosity, looking deep into the white foam of his Budweiser.
Joseph peered up at the baseball game, which was playing on a TV in the upper
left corner of the bar. Joe lifted up his beer, “I don’t know,” taking a big drink down. “Just
drink it. I bought it for you.”
“Joe Joe, Yanks are doing good so far, huh?”
Joe looked down peering into his mug, “Yep, Dan.”
Danny furrowed his brow a bit, picking at the wood and stone bar top with his
dirty fingernails. “Hey, Joe, is Mama going to be okay?”
Joe looked over at the bartender. Michael was a gruff old man, but good strong
counsel when you needed him to be such. “Yeah, I suppose Dan. It’s spring so I
suppose.” Joe finished his beer and rubbed his black head of hair. He then gave a stern
look at Dan. “You know I get tired of this shit.”
Dan sipped his beer a bit gingerly, winching at his brother's remark. “Joe Joe, I'm
sorry you get tired and all.”
Joseph shook his head forlornly, looking down at the base of his empty mug.
“Naw, Dan, nope.”
Dan smiled happily at Joe, content that he had done no wrong to his brother.
“Good Joe, Joe. Hey, you gonna get another beer?”
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