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"Consumers Buying Secrets REVEALED!"
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About this Book and the Author
“Consumer Buying Secrets Revealed!” is about consumer behavior. It was
written for marketers and business students by Paul Tunde Raji. This text will
be a major source of information on consumer behavior for many years to
come because the writer did research online and offline for practical and
theoretical information for six years before writing this book.
This book is timely and outlines many ideas - ideal for your personal library
as a reference tool. It walks the readers around all the roadblocks in
Paul Tunde Raji is a Nigerian and holds a
Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting in
1998. He worked as an Audit Assistant for two
years. Then, he joined an insurance company
as Marketing Executive. This is where his
marketing career started.
He is a Freelance Writer with UVOCORP, an
Academic Writing Assistance Agency based in
the United Kingdom where he assists in
academics, from high school to master degree
level, solving academic problems.
He has “Expert Author” status from
He has a full-time in his e-commerce business.
He is the owner and C.E.O. of
He is happily married to Racheal Olasunmbo Raji. They are blessed with a
beautiful daughter named “Wisdom” and a lovely son named “Fortune”.
Copyright © 2007 by Paul Tunde Raji
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