Conspiracy HTML version

Chapter 1
The group formed a tableau of the sixties brought forward in time:
Morgan, their flamboyant mid-twenties leader, with his long hair and
long, thin mustache, could easily have doubled for his namesake,
Morgan the Pirate. Tall, a bit over six feet, and handsome, but for a few
residual acne-scars, Morgan wore his long hair down to and spread out
along his shoulders like a proper sixteenth-century gentleman. The
hair made a political statement just as it had both forty and four
hundred years before.
Debra Gray, only a few years younger than Morgan, neatly attired in
a proper white blouse and gray skirt, went braless and wore granny
glasses shed purchased at a thrift shop. With his Mohawk, nose ring,
and single earring, Oscar Lahud (Lamud?) would be better identified as
skinhead 90s, or maybe 80s punk. Still, a sixties love child would
surely have exclaimed, "Hes just doing his own thing, man."
The majority of the other faces at the meeting were also familiar to
Wilson, either from his stint as advisor to the college newspaper or as
former students in his journalism classes. Many subtle and not-so-
subtle changes had taken place in the years intervening. Debbies
outward dress was as conservative as ever, but her braless condition
was new. (Will the real Debra Gray please stand up.) Caitlin, a silent
almost invisible presence in the past, now numbered among the most
vocal of participants. Morgan? Well Morgan had always been