Confessions of a Girl HTML version

A Note from the author:
The reason I called this book, my first book, Confessions Of A Girl, is that this book will take you on a
journey into my mind and see what it is that I feel, or have felt at the time of writing that paritcular piece. It
is my way of confessing my wrong doings on paper without saying specifically what I did, as well as
releasing some built up anger for one person in particular.
For most people, this is nothing but words on a page, however, what makes poetry good, dispite the
content, is the feelings behind it...If there is feeling, genuine emotion, put behind the words it makes the
piece special and important. When you lack emotion it's simply words. As I wrote each peice there was a
lot of emotion, and many tears, and that is why this is my book of Confessions.
This book is very personal to me as it covers a lot of my life, choices I made, things I felt, and people who
were and are important to me. My hope is that some of the people who read this will be able to relate to
my book and see that although we make mistakes as human beings, it doesn't have be something that
holds us back in life or make us weak. We as humans are supposed to learn from our mistakes and
change what we are doing to be a better person. For some of us, that means changing our identity and
starting fresh, for others it means waiting for that right person to walk into our lives and make us see our
mistakes and want to change so that we don't lose what we have in our lives at the present time, and for
some, it's a little of everything, as was the case for me.
I thank you in advance for reading my words and taking the journey into the personal side of my life. I
hope you enjoy what you find here and please feel free to leave me comments and as always, don't forget
to visit the website ( and see all that we have to offer.