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Confessions of a Girl

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Published: 6 years ago

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Poet Jessica Diamond reflects on her past and current relationships in this, her very first poetry eBook. She allows the reader deep inside her heart to grasp her thoughts and emotions about her past relationships, her current relationship with her husband, plus various other emotions about various other subjects to which the reader should be able to relate. Download and read now!

Leila Wilson

Love the quality and depth of feeling in her poetry. The author is very open and honest. If you like poetry this book is well worth reading.

Kantshri Baronia

It was so so beautiful, and innocent one. It happens, that every girl dreams of marrying but... anyway, it was really very beautiful. And yeah, too good that you moved on finally!! Good luck!!


if u wanna improve ur vocabulary u just simply can't afford not reading it for the world


This is very vulnerable and honest-without pretense or camouflage-telling the truth as it is, as it was..I have and probably is and will walk in this shoes..every page mirrors an aspect of your life.


I love your poetry it reminds me of my self and how I was put down when I was younger.And how I was treated the same.But as for guys Im not there yet.age14


Jessica Diamond

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