Comprehensive Guide on Photo Editing Business HTML version

Basics of Image Editing
Photo editing is a process by which a photograph can be modified and given the desired
effects. Both digital and analog photos can be treated using the photo editing software.
The existing photos can be edited, manipulated and even transformed into a photo that
can completely differ from the original photo. Initially the analog photos were edited by
using photo retouching tools. Raster graphics editor, vector graphics editor and 3D
modelers are popularly in use to edit the photos.
The raster images are stored in the form of pixels. If an image requires some
modifications, then the photo editor will work with the pixels to give the new effect as the
information about the color and brightness of the photo are stored in these pixels. These
photo pixels can be edited either in group or individually. Unlike the raster graphics, the
vector graphics are stored as texts or lines of descriptions. Compared to the raster
images, the vector images are easier to modify. For photo editing, generally Adobe
Photoshop, Corel Photo-Paint, Paint.NET, GIMP and other image editing software are
With the photo editing services, you can bring new life to your old and damaged
photographs. The images can be cropped; their colors, brightness, contrast can be
adjusted and sharpened with the use of photo editing software. If there are any flaws in
the picture, then they can also be removed and corrected with photo editing.
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