Comprehensive Guide on Photo Editing Business HTML version

What is Photo/Image Editing
Be it an analog photograph or a digital photograph – image editing can be used for
altering both formats of photographs. By photo retouching process the analog images
can be edited. There is a number of graphic software with which one can edit, alter and
manipulate the images. Both raster and vector image editors are used for this purpose.
Image editing has become quite popular with the extensive use of digital cameras.
Sometimes the basic features like cropping and rotating the photo are available with the
digital cameras. But photo editing is something more to it. The photos can be processed
in the photo labs and can undergo manipulations with advanced software. Some of the
mostly used photo editing software are Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photo-Paint,
Paint.NET, GIMP – only to mention a few. Sometimes different batch image processing
tools are also used to edit the photos.
Photo editing software can alter the pixels of the raster images to edit them. They can
work with altering the pixels individually or changing them in groups. In case of the
vector images, the image editing software edits the texts and descriptions instead of the
There was a time when you used to develop your films and simply pick up the prints. It
often happened that you were not satisfied with the quality of the photos. There were no
options to sharpen the photos or change their contrast and brightness. Neither they could
be cropped or rotated. But with the advent of the photo editing software you can make
the necessary changes and give the photos the desirable effects.
Digital photography profoundly helps the use of photo editing process. The old and
distorted photos can be scanned and they can also be edited. The faded memories can be
enlivened from the old faded photographs with the use of photo editing software.
With photo editors, the subject of one photo can be placed into another. The background
of the subject can be also edited in an image. An old picture can be modified by
removing certain objects from the picture or be given a new appearance by adding some.
With a few click of the mouse, creativity and skill the forgotten days can be relived as the
old photos are refreshed with photo editing.
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