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Photo Montage
The history of photo montage dates back to the Edwardian and Victorian era when the art
came into being. The art started primarily as a welcome break from the traditional way of
presenting image. It is somewhat whacky and different in pattern because the basic aim of
photo montage is to dovetail two or more images seamlessly in such a way that creates a
different picture altogether. Though the art of photo montage was flourished in the 18th
century, it still captivates the senses of modern people and appeals to those, who are
engaged in the eternal pursuit of beauty and novelty.
Tradition and Technology
The pattern and the style of the art of Photo Montage have undoubtedly changed a lot. The
art of photo montage has become much more complex and the scope of exercising originality
has definitely broaden in the past few decade because of the massive development in the
field of technology. Technology has made several inroads into this field and at the same time
it has endowed us with an opportunity to bring radical changes in its look and feel without
altering its basic pattern.
Not Mere Juxtaposition of Image
Photo Montage is not just the mere juxtaposition of a number of images rather; it is a unique
mode of visual representation by collating and presenting the essence of diverse types of
images into a unique whole. Therefore, the task is far more complex and intriguing than
creating a new image because here you will not be able to give full swing to your
imagination. What you have to do is to choose some pictures with meticulous care (be careful
because this will be going to shape the future of your endeavor) after gauging their creative
appeal astutely.
Next comes the most vital stage of Photo Montage. Here in this stage, you will have to merge
them into a unified whole for producing the desired effect. But remember that the final result
has to be aesthetically pleasant and creative to the core. But what if you have to portray a
message through this visual medium? It obviously takes some time. Be sure to a take step-
by-step approach and for God’s sake do not be in a hurry because ultimately you will mess up
the entire thing.
Creativity Coupled With Technological Touch
The most vital objective of Photo Montage is to cross the limit and the boundaries of cut-up
images by creating a surreal atmosphere from which the viewers will be able to view and
understand what the exact thing you want to convey. Actually technology holds the key but
the chest is obviously your creative inputs. You can be an expert in Photoshop or Image
Ready but unless you have that creative bend of mind, you will never be able to succeed in
this complex creative endeavor.
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