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Photo Manipulation
Photo manipulation is the process of changing the very appearance of an image for
duping the viewers into believing something that does not exists in reality at all. It is
above and all a photographic technique that is being used for producing a sense of
allusion and for giving a pleasant shock to the views by tweaking and prodding some
images until they produce the desired effect at the end. It is not just making a little bit
changes in an image or making corrections in a photo for brining back its pristine form, it
is far more complex. It demands creative inputs but without having technical skills, you
will never be able to make any powerful impact.
Objective of Photo Manipulation
The concept of photo manipulation is smeared with controversies. Some argue that this
technique is marring the purity of images by altering original form of images blatantly
and this concern is somewhat justified. However, it can be said that manipulation of an
image is acceptable as far as it does not cross the moral and ethical boundaries.
However, if your soul aim is to play with this art or if your aim is to impress the viewers
by showing a presentation of your skill and creativity through this visual medium, there
should be no cause of concerned.
History of Photo Manipulation
Photo manipulation is not the brainchild of digital imagery. Before the computers came
into being, this technique was widely used for producing desired effects by using some
simple tools such as piercing photos, double-exposure, paint, ink etc. However, it used to
take awfully long time and often the result was not absolutely perfect and impressive.
With the advent of technology, the concept of photo manipulation has changed
dramatically. No longer you will have to work for days for bringing radical change in the
visual appearance of an image, you can now do that smartly by trying out some cool
tools of an image editing software for example Photoshop or Image Ready.
As a Form of Art
Previously photo manipulation was not considered as a form of art but the concept has
changed a lot in the past few years. Today, it is deemed as a unique form of art where
both creativity and technological skill play dominating roles. The final result of image
manipulation can be drastically different from the original one but you should make sure
one thing that the final result will be powerful enough to seize the attention of the viewer.
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