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Photo Image Masking
Photo masking or image masking is a process that allows a person to keep intact certain
parts of an image while making radical changes in the other parts of the image for
producing a unique effect. Photo masking is used widely for removing background from
an image without loosing a single detail. Therefore, photo image masking is offering twin
benefits: greater image clarity and magnificent effect. Masking is mainly done for
transforming an ordinary photo or image into a unique piece of artistry by adding some
cool effects and weeding out unwanted parts.
The Advantages of Image Masking
The main advantage of photo image masking is that it helps image-editing expert to
make changes in images without affecting the quality of an image. If an image comprises
intrinsic details, you might find yourself in a struggling situation while introducing a slight
change in it. The only way you will be able to fix this issue is by opting for image mask.
Some Common Photo Image Masking Techniques
Complex Layer Masking: This image masking technique is applied for removing
background from fine objects of an image. This technique is widely used for
masking those objects, which are translucent or semi transparent in nature.
Images with smoke, hair, features etc are mostly used in this technique.
Photoshop Transparency Masking: If you are trying to remove transparent objects
from an image, you should try out this image masking technique. Smooth removal
of transparent objects such as glass etc can be achieved in this image masking
Alpha channel masking: This masking technique is often termed as “raster
masking”. When you are facing immense amount of difficulty to mask an image by
creating a new layer over it. By using this technique, you will be able to smooth
the edges of those images, which are semi-transparent or translucent in nature.
College Masking: This masking technique is widely used for removing background
from those images, which are mainly used in commerce websites, catalogues,
brochures etc.
If you aspire to be an image editing professional, you need to ensure a professional
touch at the end. Just removing background or transparent objects from the images
should not be your soul objective rather; you should concentrate on giving it an artistic
finessing touch that will differentiate an original image from the masked one.
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