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Photo Pop Art
What is Photo Pop Art?
It is nothing but converting an analogue or digital image into a form or shape that conforms
with the tradition of pop art that was flourished in the middle of 1950 against the prevailing
ideas of abstract expressionism. Here an image or photo is alienated from other objects and
from the context itself for drawing the attention of the viewers. Though this form of art has
changed a bit in the past few decades, people still loves it dearly. Therefore, it is no wonder
why people still have a craving for transforming their photos into a unique form of pop art
image. As a pop art image looks amazingly different from the original one and as it is astutely
upholding and blending the charm and the charisma of the pop art of 50s, people still loves it
Technological Development and The Tradition of Pop Art
Things have changed drastically from the past. No longer, you need to hire a professional
artist for the entire day for having a pop art image. Now you can don that smartly by trying
out some cool features of some image editing software for example PhotoShop, Image Ready
etc. These image editors have facilitated this task by blending the power of art and
technology. In fact, pop art is offering us a unique opportunity for to showcase our creativity
by exploiting the advantages of this unique platform.
Use of Photo Pop Art
Photo pop art is now being used extensively in different areas. It has succeeded in
revolutionizing the concept of advertising. A number of companies are flaunting pop art
image in their product labeling. Some even have gone extra miles by using pop art culture in
their companies’ logos. This shows the enduring appeal and popularity of photo pop art.
Nowadays, a large section of people are using photo pop art to decorate their home, which
definitely adds to its appeal. This has become so common that people, who do not have any
faint idea of photo pop art, appreciate its visual appeal unabashly. Those who are getting
bored of seeing their same portrait photo over and over again, photo pop art can offer them a
welcome deviation from the set norms. Just convert your portrait photo into a pop art portrait
artwork and see the difference.
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