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Photo Restoration
Photo restoration is the process of restoring original shape, color and pattern of an
image, which has damaged badly or which has become worn out over the years. The
main objective of photo restoration is not to enhance its quality artificially rather; the
main objective of Photo restoration is to restore the original form, color etc of an image.
In photo restoration process technological knowledge plays a vital role as opposed to
photo enhancement, where creativity plays the pivotal role. However, photo restoration is
not all about playing it safe, it is also about maintaining a perfect balance by adding
creative touches when it needs most and shunning it altogether when it does not need at
The Basics of Photo Restoration
Removing scratches, damages, aging effects etc from images are performed in the photo
restoration process for giving an image a new lease of life. However, the images should
not be in a position where it might become impossible for the viewers to make an
assumption about the original shape or form of those images. Either Photoshop or Image
Ready is used in this process for performing this task. However, without having
professional exposure in this domain, it is virtually impossible for a person to bring back
the pristine form and color combination of an image accurately.
Photo Restoration Process
In fine, photo restoration is the process of pinpointing those damaged areas of an image
that can be restored. At the first stage, damaged areas of an image should have to be
located. After the completion of this task, you should gear up for restoring those spots or
areas by exploiting the power of any photo editing software.
Reincarnating Memories
Photos are saved for revving up our memories when we are in solitude. We love to keep
alive our memories as long as we can by capturing them in either digital format or
analogue format. However, time takes its toll on them and they become blurred and their
pristine color starts waning with the course of time. The only way you will be able to
bring them back in their pristine form is by opting for photo restoration service. The
process should be done meticulously and arduously if you are longing for the best
possible results at the end.
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