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Photo Retouching
Photos are seldom perfect. This is a universal truth not because we do not have that
sophisticated technology that can capture the spirit of a precious moment preciously but
because we are very fickle-minded in nature. We like one thing at one time and despise
the very same thing at the next moment. Thanks to enormous technological
development, now we will be able to fix this issue, which often becomes a big issue. No
matter how hard you may try, it is virtually impossible to attain perfection while
capturing the essence of a moment in a digital or analogue frame. Giving finessing
touches to an image has become a must in the photographic industry, as the
requirements of people tend to change in every now and then. But none but a hardcore
professional would dare to do this task because a slight mistake can spoil the entire
The Purpose of Photo Retouching
The basic purpose of photo retouching is to make it more appealing and more enticing to
look at without distorting the original features of the image as far as possible. Though
most of us usually associate the concept of photo retouching with only changing the
background, increasing the brightness, contrast etc of an image, it is far more complex
and intriguing. It is not just weeding out unwanted elements from images mechanically;
it is also about making an image suitable for a particular purpose by harnessing the
power of latest technology and by unleashing your creative force.
Basics of Photo Retouching
Before start learning the ins and outs of photo retouching, you need to have a fair idea of
the very basics of photo retouching. Removing wrinkles, smoothening skin, appropriating
skin tone, rectifying some common problems such as rash, acne, scars, spots etc,
changing the background etc are some of the common areas that are intrinsically
associated with the concept of photo retouching. You can find the image editing options
in some popular image editing software packages but it is you who have to make the real
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