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Photo Enhancement
Photo enhancement is the process of improving the quality of digital images without
having prior information about the exact nature of the degradation or the source of
distortion. Digitally stored images are manipulated in this process for enhancing the
appearance as far as possible. However, photo enhancement is not just making an image
darker or lighter or just increasing and decreasing the contrast of an image, it is far more
complicated. Without having a flair for perfection and a good command over some photo
editing software packages such as Photoshop, Image Ready etc, you will never be able to
give a new lease of life to a partially distorted and blurred image.
A Rare Combination of Art and Science
Enhancing a partially distorted image is all about maintaining a delicate balance between
the art and the science of photo editing. Though it is virtually impossible to enhance the
quality of an image without exploiting the features of an image editing software package,
art of photo enhancement should be not be discarded all together. Here lies the
difference between photo enhancement and photo restoration. In photo enhancement,
images are not only restored to their original form but the images are also manipulated
for giving them a perfect look.
The Aim of Photo Enhancement
The main aim of photo enhancement is to improve the quality of an image for bettering
its perception and interpretability so that human beings can appreciate it. The focus of
attention should not be solely on restoring the original form of an image rather; we
should concentrate on making it unique by harnessing the power of creativity and latest
Before you start enhancing an image, you need to have a fair concept of the future use
of that image. A photo can be perfect for using in an exhibition but the same image may
appear outlandish, if it is used in a public place. You need to have a creative bend of
mind for differentiating images based on their suitability.
Some Facts on Photo Enhancement
One might wonder why there are so many companies vying with each other in this field.
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