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What is Photo Manipulation or Retouching?
Photo manipulation is one of the techniques of photo editing. By this process, a
photograph can be edited and modified with technical means and skills. This technique is
applicable for both digital and analog photos. Photo manipulation is not about editing the
color balance or adjusting the brightness and contrast of the image. It is often used to
develop an illusion in the photo.
Photo manipulation techniques are widely used and it is also considered as an art form.
The use of digital camera has further enhanced its popularity as the digitalized images
can be directly used for editing on a computer. Incase of the printed photos they can be
digitalized by scanning them.
Image editing software can be used for photo manipulation or photo retouching. A photo
can be warped to make the desired changes in it. The edited photo may appear
completely different from the original photo after retouching.
Before computers and software were in use, photo manipulation practice was carried out
with help of simple paint and ink. The negatives were doubly exposed or pierced to give
the desired photos. It was during 1980s that digital retouching was adopted. Initially the
image retouching was done with Quantel computers with Paintbox application and the
Silicon Graphics computers using Barco Creator. These initial image editing tools were
replaced by much sophisticated and up-to-date software known as Adobe Photoshop.
Photographs that have discolored and faded with time can be reset with photo
retouching. The unwanted elements and spots can be removed from the old or affected
photos with the help of photo editing software. With the help of photo manipulation the
color balance and water color effects can be adjusted and added to a photo. Face touch
up, body contouring and removing skin blemishes of a subject can be accomplished with
photo retouching.
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