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As I fell over the Englishman I had struck my hand against a nail, and the fourth finger of
my left hand was bleeding as if a vein had been opened. Betty helped me to tie a
handkerchief around the wound, while Sir B---- M---- read the letter with great attention.
I was much pleased with Betty's action, it shewed she was confident, and sure of her
lover's forgiveness.
I took up my coat and carpet-bag, and went into the next room to change my linen, and
dress for dinner. Any distress at the termination of my intrigue with Betty was amply
compensated for by my joy at the happy ending of a troublesome affair which might have
proved fatal for me.
I dressed myself, and then waited for half an hour, as I heard Betty and Sir B---- M----
speaking in English calmly enough, and I did not care to interrupt them. At last the
Englishman knocked at my door, and came in looking humble and mortified. He said he
was sure I had not only saved Betty, but had effectually cured her of her folly.
"You must forgive my conduct, sir," said he, "for I could not guess that the man I found
with her was her saviour and not her betrayer. I thank Heaven which inspired you with
the idea of catching hold of me from behind, as I should certainly have killed you the
moment I set eyes on you, and at this moment I should be the most wretched of men. You
must forgive me, sir, and become my friend."
I embraced him cordially, telling him that if I had been in his place I should have acted in
a precisely similar manner.
We returned to the room, and found Betty leaning against the bed, and weeping bitterly.
The blood continuing to flaw from my wound, I sent for a surgeon who said that a vein
had been opened, and that a proper ligature was necessary.
Betty still wept, so I told Sir B---- M---- that in my opinion she deserved his forgiveness.
"Forgiveness?" said he, "you may be sure I have already forgiven her, and she well
deserves it. Poor Betty repented directly you shewed her the path she was treading, and
the tears she is shedding now are tears of sorrow at her mistake. I am sure she recognizes
her folly, and will never be guilty of such a slip again."