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1. Increased Strength and Performance In Athletes

Several studies have shown that Creatine supplementation improves performance in repeated bouts of high

intensity strength work and repeated sprints, which are requirements for many sports.8,9,10,11,12,13,14,16,17,18 In short,

substantial evidence suggests that Creatine supplementation increases lean body mass, muscular strength, and

sprint power.24

Significant gains in strength and lean mass often occur in the first 6 weeks of Creatine supplementation, when

combined with proper training and diet. In one study, college football players who took Creatine supplements for 28

days during resistance and agility training had significant gains in lean mass when compared to players who took

the placebo.15

Individuals may vary in their response to Creatine supplementation, but it is not uncommon to see a 5 to 10 lb.

increase in weight within the first six weeks.




Meschino Health Comprehensive Guide to Accessory Nutrients and Essential Oils

Accessory Nutrients and Essential Oils

Approximately 80% of Creatine studies have reported a performance-enhancing ef ect. This is quite impressive

when you consider the fact that Creatine is not structurally or functionally related to anabolic steroids, and that

Creatine supplements are not banned by the International Olympic Commit ee or the National Collegiate Athletic

Association. Creatine use is based on the same principle as carbohydrate loading in that an athlete is manipulating

their dietary intake to optimize muscle Creatine phosphate stores for more explosive power and enhanced


Athletes requiring repeated bouts of explosive power may also benefit from Creatine supplementation as

demonstrated by M. Izquierdo et al. Among other positive benefits revealed in their study of nineteen trained

athletes, they showed that short-term Creatine supplementation (20 gms per day for 5 days) enhanced repeated

sprint performance and at enuated decline in jumping ability after repetitive high-power-output exercise bouts

(MRPB).22 Similar results have been documented by G. Cottrell et al, in subjects performing repeated sprint

cycling.23 These studies have important implications for many sports such as hockey, basketball, soccer, volleyball,

lacrosse, football, tennis and any sport requiring repeated bouts of all-out lower extremity explosive power and/or