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3. Cholesterol-Lowering and Cardiovascular Health

Soy isoflavones appear to have favourable ef ects on vascular function and lipid metabolism. Soy isoflavones,

structurally similar to estrogens, interact with estrogen receptors and appear to increase LDL-receptor formation. In

turn this helps the body clear LDL-cholesterol and VLDL-cholesterol from the bloodstream.2 The meta-analysis of

38 controlled studies demonstrated that an average intake of 47 gm per day of Soy protein was associated with a

9.3 percent lowering of cholesterol, 12.7 percent lowering of LDL-cholesterol, 10.5 percent lowering of triglycerides

and a 2.4 percent elevation of HDL-cholesterol.10

Genistein also inhibits thrombin formation and platelet activation in vitro and Soy isoflavones act as antioxidants,

which may help prevent LDL-cholesterol oxidation in the bloodstream. All of these factors help to support the

positive influence that Soy has on cardiovascular health.2