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Commanders of World War Two

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The author approaches this subject on several levels: grand strategy, the difficulties of coalition warfare, the personalities of the commanders (some of whom disliked each other more than they did the enemy) and analysis of the major battles. Recognising that wars in the last analysis are decided by the commanders, he describes the characteristics and fighting power of the combatants. This is a penetrating study and an essential contribution to the understanding of the nature of warfare and an invaluable work of reference for the whole family.


Bill Brady

BILL BRADY Bill Brady is arguably one of the foremost South African writers of the present era on the military history of World War Two. A former Chairman of the Durban based South African Military History Society, he has done readers proud by writing and publishing fascinating and educational books about some of the most recognisably famous and infamous leaders and decisive campaigns of World War Two. The Author comes from a professional Engineering background and worked in senior management positions for companies such as Coca-Cola and General Electric. Following a successful career in these international companies, the Author subsequently established his own management consultancy, where he was engaged in various projects and assignments, not only in South Africa, but also in Zambia and Nigeria. The Author always had a lifelong passion for history and having and developed a deep interest in the history of World War Two, in particular. Bill Brady has demonstrated, many times over, in his previously published works that he has the ability and sagaciousness to relate historical facts in an interestingly descriptive manner devoid of irrelevant detail. In his books we can read about some of the prominent players who strategically planned campaigns and battles, directed them, won and lost them and who even lost the war itself. In addressing the strengths, weaknesses and idiosyncratic behaviours of the commanders, Bill Brady enables the reader to gain insights into the working of their minds and to evaluate their actions following their decisions both good and bad.

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