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Donna Solitario

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Coming Home To My Heart
Abuse Victim to Survivor; Inspirations for Inner Peace All Rights Reserved.
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This book is dedicated to those who have been abused. Including victims and survivors of abuse, alcoholism, and mental illness. For my two children Tracy and Michael, and my four grandchildren Payton,

Amelia, Nicky, and Hannah.


Introduction i Sections iii One Child Waits 1 Tear Drops 2 “Coming Home To My Heart” 3 God Bless the Children 4 Poems 5 Beautiful Wonder 6 The World Let Me Down 7 Child Abuse the Voice Within 9 The Wrath of a Mother 11 The Unavailable Father 11 My Dad 13 We All Come Together Today to Grieve 14 Substance Abuse 15 A Heart is torn 16 Unheard Feelings 17 Waterfall of Day Dreams 18 A Childs Fantasy 19 Child Abuse 20 A Child’s Cry 20 Cinderella 21 Numb 23 Time to Move on 24 The Mistake 25 God’s Love and Light 26 A Family in Crisis 27 Gateway to Heaven 29 Healing Scars 30 The Scapegoat 31 Mother 32 Surrender to God 33 Mom When I Held Your Hand 34 Dear Dad 36 A Family Prayer 37 Phil and Susan 38 A Happy Family 39 Children from Dysfunctional Homes 40 Prayer for the World 41 Miscellaneous Poems 42 I Am A Woman 43 Time 44 Young Love 45 When I Held You In My Arms 46 Letting Go 48 The Colors of Your Love 49 In the stillness 50 My Love-My Man 51 First Love 53 When I Saw You Today 54 My Heart Will Wait Forever 55 Memories 56 You Are the One 57 A Harley Sunset 58 I Hear Your Cry 59 A Rising Singing Star 60 A Special Student 61 The Essence of Her Beauty 62 Seen Through Natures Eyes 63 Passing on Love and Light 64 The Freedom from Letting Go 65 Dancing to a Different Beat 67 Renewed 68 Reflections 69 Angel 70 Accepting Others 71 Touching Hands 72 Sharon 73 Dear Jesus 74 My heart Cares For You 75 How I Love My Children 76 A Mothers Prayer 77 A Grandmother’s Prayer 78 Payton 79 Amelia 81 Nicky 82 Hannah 83 Erica 84 Birthday Wishes For Mom and Dad 85 Dedicated to the Next Generation 86 Bright Eyes 87 Emma 88 Dawn 89 For My Friends 90 Debbie A Special Strong Woman of God 91 Kenny and the Birds 92 For My Students 93 Chase Von 94 Paul 95 Al Cole 96 A Teacher’s Joy 97 Paige 98 In Memory of Martin Luther King 100 Barry Manilow 101 Touched by a Soft Wind 102 Jesus is Love 103 Karen 104 TM & DS 105 April 106 Joan 107 Life 108 Spring 109 Summer 110 Autumn Leaves 111 Fall 112 I Love My Valentine 113 The Holidays 114 Dear Lord 116 What are we all Looking for? 117 You’re Not Alone 118 Hear the Voice Within 119 A Teen has Dreams 120 Searching 121 If You Want Love 122 Embrace the Light 123 Rise Above and Succeed 124 Believe 125 A Poem for You 127 Dream Reachers 128 Mother Mary 129 Through His Eyes 130 Born Again Happy and Free 131 Grasping Destiny 132


This story poetry book includes the child abuse I experienced growing up in an alcoholic dysfunctional home. My intention for writing this book is to shed light to my readers how the affects of alcoholism, mental illness, and child abuse can affect a child. I believe that child abuse can be prevented with insight and awareness. Healthy parenting can occur through the process of emotional and spiritual growth. Recovery and healing can take place through spirituality, twelve step programs, professional intervention, awareness, and education. I cannot forget by God’s grace I forgive. I have empathy and compassion for my parents and family. For I truly believe, “No one in their RIGHT mind wants to abuse a child” Other poems include: Love poems, domestic abuse, family, friends, healing, motivational, inspirational, miscellaneous and spirituality. Through my own experiences, I hope to inspire you with awareness, faith, hope, and love.

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Child Abuse
Love Poems
Domestic Abuse Family & Friends Healing
Miscellaneous Motivation

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One Child Waits

A child waits
Endlessly for love No one comes
Empty is their heart Lost and starved For affection
One child waits

Tear Drops

Tear drops falling from my eyes Showing hurt feelings I cannot hide Releasing pain from days gone by God’s mercy is by my side
For cleansing my soul
I thank God I am not alone
Tears free my mind
As I wipe them dry
I feel much better
For teardrops don’t last forever

“Coming Home To My Heart”

I faced the dark
Had a glimpse of the light
In the depths of my strife
I found God
His true and abundance of love
He sheltered me from the black and blues Gave me peace from being abused
As my little body went limp
My torn heart began to sink
I was scarred from the trauma and pain A child left out in the rain
God wrapped my heart and soul with faith Told me one day I would enter the gates He showed me how to pray
For parents who were sick
From a disease that could not give
Love sweet love and protection
God surrounded me with light and affection A child with innocence and needs
Cries while her broken heart bleeds Wish I knew from the start
I could have come home to my heart

God Bless the Children

God bless the children
Especially the victims
Of child abuse and pain
From sickness and hate
For they are our children
Our future and hope
In this world they need love the most

“When You Love a Child You Touch the Heart of God”


Writing poems free my soul
As I write them I can let go
Of adversities from the past
While moving on with peace at last
The many things I endured
Became lessons for the future
When a heartfelt connection is made
It is God who I truly thank
For a gift he bestowed upon me
A blessing from him indeed
Praying for guidance and inspiration
Writing from my heart with love and dedication Hoping to touch the hearts of others
For we are all sisters and brothers

Beautiful Wonder

I am a woman strong and wise
Even though these eyes of mine have cried Through God’s loving grace I found peace inside As I embrace the light
To enhance my life
I learn every step of the way
I am humbled each time I pray
Always yearning to be all that I can be
Reaching out to others as they plea
For freedom from addictions, and abuse Sharing knowledge and truth
Standing tall in the face of adversities
Faithfully following my God given destiny To reach for the stars
Being true to my heart
Rejecting injustice and strife
Accepting myself and others without taking flight By not abandoning my own needs
For I shall not be self-deceived
I will climb every mountain
Follow my hearts dream
Protect myself from adversity and disharmony Love my child within
Empower her to begin
Her journey in life with God given rights For a happy meaningful life
While this child and I embrace
We will walk together in unity and grace Let the beautiful wonder in you
Be set free dignified and renewed
This section includes: Poems from the voice of an abused child

The World Let Me Down

When I was born like everyone else I had needs
Goals and dreams with things to achieve
Instead of receiving basic needs I learned how to survive In a hostile world with pain and strife
My home was not safe for me
Living in a dysfunctional family
I learned well how to play the family game
Hiding the suffering, guilt, and shame
I often wondered if anyone heard my cries in the night It hurt to be diminished of dignity and rights
My feelings were torn and confused
When mom beat me black and blue
With mom and dad’s verbal abuse
I felt hurt and rejected
By the ones who never protected
My bruised body, emotions, and tattered soul
I felt disillusioned and out in the cold
The toxic pain had infected
The child within who was neglected
Who became a victim of child abuse with bitterness and sought To empower herself and began to unlock
The pain from yesterday
I humbly get on my knees to pray
By asking God to help me let it all go
For peace and my dreams to unfold
I am now a survivor and no longer a victim
For I have turned my life and will over to him If you know a child who is being abused Please help them their counting on you Don’t look the other way
For that child may grow up to say
“The world let me down”

Child Abuse the Voice Within

When I was a child
I was ridiculed and put down
Often wore the face of a clown
Once I got beat to the ground
I didn’t feel like I was wanted around
I felt emotionally and physically caged in like a freak I often wondered why my family didn’t accept me I was put in the cellar while the kids peeped Through the window while making fun of me A broken spirited child with bruises on her body Mom told me I was bad, as she would say, “You’re just like your dad too”
Mom said she got pregnant too soon
Because I was born eleven months apart from Sue They told me I was a problem child in the family I often wondered if it was all a bad dream
They told me I would never amount to anything Dad left when I was thirteen
I felt abandoned and mom was mean
I remember how I was abused
Sometimes it was by a broom
Mom locked me out of the house
Calling me names like stupid and louse
The neighbors calling the police was nothing new When I was hungry I’d steal some food
Mom told her family and friends
I was a bad child time and time again
When she was on the telephone I listened It hurt and it felt like I was in a tortured prison I had no self-esteem as they tore at my self worth I tried to fit in but it never worked
The kids at school made fun of me
They said I came from a strange family
The boy’s haircut mom gave me made the kid’s laugh So I tried to hide it with an old torn hat
But nothing helped
Most of my childhood was a living hell
Thank God I met a friend
She had the same house as me and we would both pretend Everything was fine
The bruised marks on our arms were a fright
When our dad’s went to the bar to drink
We’d listen to the radio together and sing
We sang songs and were engaged
With making up songs that became our saving grace It was the only way I felt I belonged
Writing music and singing our songs
I resented my childhood life
I learned to pray to God each night

The Wrath of a Mother The Unavailable Father

I have no memories of you holding me mom and dad
When I was a child I felt lonely and sad
It hurt when I heard those cruel words
They damaged my emotions and self worth
When mom told me that I was a mistake
I felt tremendous heartache
She said it was because dad drank and turned to someone new I tried to measure up for you
Nothing seemed to work and I became resentful
The abuse punctured my soul
Each time my three sisters were around, or I was alone, I was put down
I reacted its true but I was just a child
I didn’t know what a healthy childhood was all about
I was the family scapegoat living in a hostile world
I was never your darling baby girl
Always turning your wrath towards me
I could never seem to get any relief
Telling me to be good while you hit me with the broom Many times I was sent out in the cold, in the cellar, or alone in my room
The pain inflicted upon me took away my grace
For it made me feel like I wasn’t part of the human race I never felt like I fit in my family, or a part of life
I wanted to run away and hide
I looked for peace playing in my sandbox, and getting lost in the dirt
Making songs up in the cellar seemed to lessen the hurt I grew up bitter with a chip on my back
With anger and sadness when you told me I was a brat I dreamed of loving parents being there
To hold me tenderly while drying my tears
Each time I was diminished and pushed away
It made my heart ache
For being an unwanted child of distant grace
The only thing that helped was to pray
The grace of God showed me that I needed to forgive you So I would no longer be resentful
I needed to accept reality
My family was emotionally, physically, and spiritually unavailable to me

My Dad

Alcohol and other things took him away
To another time and place
Often wondered what I meant to him
There was a lack of communication
He always seemed distant, sad or mad
I grew up thinking that I was bad
He named me Donna Marie
I don’t remember hearing words like your smart or you are pretty It hurt when he went away and mom beat me black and blue He told me at the age of thirteen, “I have to leave since mom is abusing you, and now I am verbally abusing you too” It ripped my heart out and caused me pain
For most of my life I felt heartache and shame
I needed my dad to love and accept me
To protect me from mom’s insanity
As I became defiant in my teens
I thought acting out would bring their attention to me So much pain and loneliness inside
It hurt deeply each time I cried
I sensed his displeasure in his eyes
I needed my dad to sing me a song
To nurture me in life and help me along
To hold me in his arms
To show me he cared and that I belonged
I needed a way to let go of this pain
Abuse is traumatizing
Dad never forgets my birthday he sends cards and a Christmas present
Wish I would hear from him more
He still is the dad I adore

We All Come Together Today to Grieve
Alcoholism, Mental Illness, & Child Abuse

Substance abuse and child abuse is a family and society disease. Substance abuse is the only disease, which tell its victims that it is not a disease. This disease affects the substance abuser and family members. Child abuse and neglect is often the consequences of alcoholism and substance abuse.
If you or someone you love suffers from this disease seek help for yourself and your loved ones.

Substance Abuse The Shattered Affects

This powerful disease
Frequently brings its victims to their knees
Their souls are left to bleed
Broken dreams and shattered homes
Many children feel lost and alone
A heartbroken mother
A lost and sick father
Or vice versa
She was born on the fourth of July
Mother couldn’t seem to stand her sight
Dad drank his beer, while mom took her pills, and drank wine They never seemed to have the time…
Substance abuse, alcoholism, and mental illness are each a horrible disease
That changed mommy and daddy

A Heart is torn

When I was born
There was a storm
My soul was on fire
I only desired
To be loved and happy
Was it destiny?
To live in hostility
Despair consumed my soul Wondered which way to go God please hear my plea
To be set free
From the anguish
Of a broken spirit
Please show me the light
For I’m holding on tight
Reaching out to thee
Surrendering is the key
It is done
You are the son
I give you my all
I may fall
Will you catch me please? Hold me lovingly
As I cry in your arms
I will be strong
I love you with my whole heart I have from the start
I trust in your love
It is enough

Unheard Feelings

Sensitivity reaches its peak
Words at last spoken set one free
Hurtful words penetrated the mind
From punctured wounds lost in time
The soul was swept away in a breeze
Emotions worked up began to freeze
Desperately seeking them to release
Tried to protect a throbbing heart
From emotions that had turned hard
A flicker of pain still remains
Hoping to someday sustain
From unheard feelings
That caused despair and pain
Dreams declare feelings will be respected
While praying for a miracle of being accepted
With hope that abandoned feelings will be validated and protected

Waterfall of Day Dreams

As I lay across a waterfall surrounded by beautiful wonder I day dream of younger days from yonder
My heart reaches for love to keep my spirit alive But memories of not feeling wanted cause my soul to cry Only heartache and rejection come my way
I proceed to daydream of brighter days
With the touch of a soft hand
I’m led to a promised land
Where I can mend my broken wings
By the strength of mighty winds
While in the sky I open my eyes
To love in my heart and God by my side
Now I know it is safe to wake up
For God has filled my cup
With a brand new set of angel wings
I dance with God’s angels in heaven
A guiding light takes me home
To an abundance of love I’ve never known
Back to the waterfall where I can clearly see
My heart and soul have been set free

A Childs Fantasy

When I was a young child I fantasized
As I escaped from being criticized
I sang songs of pure fantasy
I dreamed of healthy parents who loved me
The cruel words were swept away
As I sang songs night and day
The torment laid heavy upon my young and impressionable mind I looked for someone to treat me kind
I sought refuge in singing songs of sweet desire
The black and blues seemed to disappear
I made up fantasy songs of love and cheer
When I grew older I lost my beautiful wonder
By repeating the cycle of abuse I soon discovered
The unhealthy love relationships I entered left me cold and bitter I reached a bottom and flew with God’s angels from up above When they showed me how to love
My beautiful wonder just as I am
I came home to my heart again
This time it is forever
To make my life better
Won’t you come home to your heart today?
A safe place where you can live, love, and play

Child Abuse A Child’s Cry

Heartache and pain
Visited me once again
I wanted it to stop
It was scary when the neighbors called the cops
What did I do that was so bad?
You said I showed stubbornness, and acted like you say a brat You said I made you lose your mind
The bruises hurt on my behind
My eyes were swollen and black and blue
God I never knew what to do
I felt so scared and all alone
What happened to my vision of a happy home?
Did you mean it when you said, “I wish you were never born?” My heart was heavy and worn
It upset me when you implied I was dumb
Why did you yell at me when sis and I were having fun? You said I should be ashamed of myself
Did you really mean it when you said, “I will burn in hell?” I’ m scared of your screaming
My heart and soul are hurting
Dear God did you forget me again?
I need someone to protect me and be my friend


Her role was the scapegoat
She always seemed to be in trouble
Being torn by a family that was sick from dysfunction and abuse She tried to help yet felt confused
She did things to make them laugh
Gave them their baths
Fed them and played the clown
For she knew there was no one else around
To take care of her younger sisters needs
Because of mom and dads disease
Although she wanted so much to do things right
Somehow it ended up in fights
The power of the family’s role
Of being the scapegoat
Is very powerful indeed
She only wanted to help her at risk family
Many times she wrote love letters to mom and dad
Tried to get them back together when they were mad
In the midst of the family storms
Donna was abused and isolated more
For mom kept her from her three sisters
On her sixteenth birthday her mom told her to get out and go away So she spent it outside feeling abandoned and dismayed Her mother is now in a nursing home from a stroke
It’s sad seeing her in a wheelchair blind with little hope Of ever seeing again
She tries to be a helpful daughter and companion
Donna visits and brings her favorite sweets
Inspires her with her poetry
Mom has asked for forgiveness and is sorry Donna forgives her for the past unhealthy deeds She calls and talks to her dad occasionally Donna prays for her family

Numb The Lost Child

I wonder why
One cannot cry
No feelings to feel
A void to unveil
A twinge in my stomach
A throb in my soul
A feeling of shock
From being weary and lost
I’m searching for a place
Where there is love and not hate
To know what they did
I need to forgive
To believe they never planned
Trying hard to comprehend
Old sentiments devolve
Time to shun burn out
No need to contain them
Time to put an end
To the pain and mend
The aftermath of yesterday
I stare in bleakness
As I remember the disadvantage
Of growing up with alcoholism and mental illness I tuned out the emotions
No more tears are falling
They were replaced by rage and fear
I need to move on from the horror
Time to mend the wounds inside
So I can feel the solace in silence

Time to Move on

Was it fate?
Love lost
Tears cried
Wasted time
One tried
To get it right
Lost and alone
Without a home
Who cares?
Step up to
The plate
It’s never too late
Only the strong survive I am strong
As I move on

The Mistake

I fell from the sky
On a dark twilight night
I leaped into the womb
To be sheltered and warm
At daybreak it began to storm I needed to ponder my fate
When I realized there was a mistake My young heart began to break I had the notion I’d be comforted Sadly I received injustice
I yearned to be accepted and loved Somehow I got lost and stuck Thank God it wasn’t too late
For this dreadful mistake
I found my sanctuary at heavens gate

God’s Love and Light

The sky
Opened wide
Embraced my tears
From all the years
Took the pain I had inside
Then the sun dried my eyes
The moon shed great light
Upon me tonight
As I laid down to bed
The angels kissed my head
Then God placed his love in my heart Told me to make a new start
By letting go of the past
For only his love and light will last The grace of God embraced me Saved my soul and set me free

A Family in Crisis

From my childhood memories
I clearly see that alcoholism, and mental illness, contributed to child abuse, in my distraught family
Dad became a victim to his disease of alcoholism
Mom’s bipolar illness, pills, and drinking with dads drinking combined, led this family to dysfunction
Mom wrote in my baby book, I want to give my girls the world When I got hurt she got upset and told me I was her girl I fought back the tears
From the wasted years
Never knowing what nightmare would happen next
This family desperately needed to be blessed
From the heartache and bitterness
A family in crisis indeed
When dad drank the money away while drinking there was little to eat
I often wondered how God could have allowed this to take place I reached out to him and began to pray
When I was tired of being a victim and became humble enough God graced me and showed me the meaning of love
By showing me how to let go of the resentment
To surrender and give it up
By turning my life and will over to him
Healing from the abuse could begin
While searching for answers on my path
I realized I had parents who could not give back
I no longer accepted abuse
I learned about the red flags too
None of us deserve to suffer this way
I needed to become a survivor and pray To take responsibility for my own life
Trust in God’s will with all my heart and might

Gateway to Heaven

As I float peacefully in the ocean
I reminisce of words unspoken
For back then it was never safe
I feared for my young spirit and shattered grace The ones who took my dignity and self-esteem
Attacked the very core of me
Now I can be all that I can
For God and Mother Mary had other plans
For a new life with angel friends
Who stand by me thick and thin
Someday when we go to heaven’s door
We will be connected once more
I love my friends I’ve met here on Earth
Together we’ll create a vision for heaven’s birth No more tears, sadness, or pain
Only rainbows and waterfalls from heaven’s rain I treasure the new love I have found in my heart My soul is nourished and will never depart
The lessons I learned on my journey were inspired by faith While inspiring others to find heaven’s gate

Healing Scars

Healing from the scars of an unequal, dysfunctional, family balance Trauma from the abuse and acts of violence
Takes a miracle to heal through the grace of God
With prayer and journaling
Counseling and education
The first step in recovery is to know there is no one to blame Rather the family needs help with love and direction

The Scapegoat

Mother and child were always at war
Siblings were kept away from her
The scapegoat child who was distraught
Was confused by the messages she was taught
Singing in the cellar became her saving grace
Making up songs seemed to ease the pain
The fountain of youth empowered her to fly away
With a circle of friends
To support her with butterfly wings
At the age of sixteen she met the catch of the day
Then a series of abusive relationships went into play She repeated the cycle of abuse
While she became an alcoholic and hooked on pills too She finally broke down and hit a bottom
With two beautiful children she agonized with pain
She surrendered to her disease and has twenty years of sobriety today
She went to college then worked in the schools
Trusted her will to God and began anew
For the first time she did what she wanted to do
Her students were inspired by her poems
They made her feel right at home
She wrote a poetry book
Little did Donna know she would get hooked
Writing became a great way to heal and touch others Their reaction to her poems inspired her
While inspiring her students, family, and friends
She was amazed by the positive changes in them
Donna climbed to the stairway of heaven after a lifetime of abuse God showed her how to make her dreams come true


Oh mother
I feel your pain
Your remorse
Is back again
Didn’t want to beat
Your child
Say such mean things
Old now
Afraid of past sins
Mother don’t cry
Hurts so much inside
It’s going to be okay
I forgive you
All the black and blues
Went away
I have self-esteem today
Through God’s grace
Mother it hurts to see you so sad You see I am no longer mad
Your illness brought you to your knees I forgive you please
Forgive yourself
Jesus died for all of our sins
Fear not heaven

Surrender to God

You weep
You cry
On your knees
Asking why?
You beat your child
Feel such remorse
All the while
It took its course
Surrender now you’ve done your penitence God died for our sins
With hatred and bitterness nobody wins You won’t go to hell
You were sick and fell
God really knows
The sickness in your soul
The disease made you sick
It was painful to live
With this powerful disease
God’s love is more powerful believe The past is gone
Don’t hang on sing your songs

Mom When I Held Your Hand The Grace of God

Mom when I held your hand today
I felt a warm breeze come my way
My heart melted deep inside
My love for you came alive
Deep in my soul lies a treasure
Of loving feelings that will last forever
God blessed me with empathy for you
Precious moments shared made me feel anew
It was as if I were floating above the sea
Embracing your inner beauty
A woman who tried her best
With an abiding faith which passed the test
Of time, fate, heartache, and adversity
A lifetime of injustice, pain, and difficulty
From a world of struggles beyond your control How you managed to make it through I will never know Yet there you were blind and slumped in your wheelchair Smiling and singing as if you hadn’t a care
Knowing in my heart your just holding on
Trying so hard to be strong
Praying to Jesus
Asking for forgiveness
Mom I feel your pain
There is no one to blame
Two hands touching and hoping to mend
Praying this is not how it all ends
I remember when
You taught your students the piano
Looked forward to your favorite shows
Called your friends to shoot the breeze
On the telephone chatting with me
Now there’s not much you can do
You hope and pray I’ll never forget you
While telling me that you’re sorry for the abuse
Two hands joining together blessed by God for mother and daughter

Dear Dad

In spite of everything
In my heart and soul within
I realize your disease and other things
Long ago took you away
When I was a young child I felt your pain
I only wanted you to stay
I knew you had to go
It really upset me though
It felt like everything was my fault
Wish I could have let my feelings out
They say people try the best they know how Was it alcoholism and life’s issues that caused the fall? Truly wish we could have communicated
Even when you were intoxicated
I loved you so
Do you truly know?
When I was a child
I was told I was stubborn and would withhold My true feelings and who I was
I tried to be tough by covering hurt feelings up My fears, tears, heartache, and shame
I was afraid of rejection and more pain
It is what it is
The time has come for me to forgive

A Family Prayer

Dear God please
Take this family
Which has been affected
By a disease it tormented
Heal the parents and adult children
Who need your peace and blessings
Fill their souls with your love and mercy
Restore their hearts with the gift of empathy
Towards each other
Help them all to recover
From the residue of the past
Show them how to surrender
To find love that will measure
Against the age of time
In my heart I truly know
The grace of your love will make them whole
Bless and heal them Lord
They are your children
With sorrow they have suffered
Only with your merciful love can they completely recover Show them your grace and undying love
Guide them to come home to your heart

Phil and Susan

Phil met Susan when they were young
They clicked right away and had lots of fun
They married and had four beautiful children
He is a great dad and understanding husband
Phil knows how to make you smile
Known for always going the extra mile
He is quite the family man
Loves music and can really dance
Phil is dedicated to my sister Susan
Taught her many valuable lessons
Such strength and faith
He honor’s Susan’s family and friends
Phil gave Sue a wonderful life
She has always been happy to be his wife
They’re very proud of their children
As they stand by them
Phil and Susan have always welcomed the family on Christmas day in their home
Many fond memories to think of when I’m alone
I was touched this year when they were so kind
They were supportive at a challenging time
Phil has had his share of loss
He never complains much
Stands by Susan and her cancer with love

A Happy Family

A loving home is where the heart lies
You get a good feeling inside
Just knowing you’re loved
Being welcomed home with a hug
While being smiled at and adored
Supporting each other is never a chore
Knowing you can count on stability
In a nurturing and loving family
To be cherished regardless if you make a mistake The discipline is firm yet done in a fair way A family feels happy and secure
By having one another each passing year For the fond memories you hold dear
Having faith in the place of fear
Putting God first
Worship together in church
Celebrating the holidays
Giving one another a birthday party
Being there for your family
When the chips are down
If friends aren’t around
Your family will take you to higher ground Love you for who and what you are
A wonderful gift from God

Children from Dysfunctional Homes

How does a child learn to live in harmony?
If a child is abused it learns about hostility
When parents set no boundaries
Do children feel secure in their family?
When the parents show no love or acceptance
Can a child learn how to become tolerant, carefree, and resilient? If a child is not respected
Thus is not appreciated
Their spirit is diminished
By taking away their spirituality
While being treated with animosity
What happens to this child?
Do they have a healthy self-esteem?
With a feeling of value and dignity
If the parents fail to properly bring a child up
Who will teach them to fill their cup?
Children learn what they live
They need parents who will give

Love, light, and direction
By standing by them with consistent dedication

Prayer for the World

Dear God please bless your children and adults of the world Protect every man, woman, boy, and girl
Shelter the victims of society
Empower others to unleash their disease
Give them the courage to seek help
Enable them to tell
Someone they can trust
Show them how to pray
Guide them every day
Show them your gracious heart
Don’t let them wander too far
To a life of pain and strife
Bless and guide them day and night

Miscellaneous Poems I Am A Woman

I am a woman
Human as can be
Like everyone else in this world
I have needs and dreams
Most of all I need love
Sometimes I fall
When things get tough
I reach out for God’s call
While he works through others
I’m caught when I fall
As I pray to Jesus and our heavenly mother Through them I find the answers
When I am lost and confused
I’m gently guided back to begin anew I thank him for all of you
For I am a woman
With hopes and dreams
I need love and direction
To be all that I can be


It’s essence
Can be cruel
Or kind
It’s all in the mind So they say
It feels ok
Can bring

Young Love

Carrying my books home from school Adoring everything about you
First kiss
As I reminisce
How I miss
Your tender touch
Caring ways
Laughter till dawn
As day breaks
We strolled along
The beach you and me
We shared loves mysteries
Into the starry night
Our love felt so right
You were my best friend
How does one mend?
A lost first love
So innocent and sweet
Love swept me off my feet
Many things we did together
You will be in my heart forever
For a true best friend is hard to find It harbor’s till the end of time
So grateful we found one another again Even though we are only friends

When I Held You In My Arms

For My Four Precious Grandchildren Payton, Amelia, Nicky, and Hannah

When I held you in my arms
I felt happy and loved
Like an angel from up above
All the pain was swept away
Your precious love replaced
Every tear I ever cried
Never did I feel so alive
When I held you in my arms
I felt a tingle in my heart
My soul was healed
Only you could steal
That tender place
Where I feel safe
Warm, sheltered, and free
The only place I want to be
When I held you in my arms
I felt the ocean breeze
Waves were splashing over me
The sun was bright
Everything felt so right
All of nature was restored
With beauty to adore
When I held you in my arms
I captured heavenly bliss
By being so blessed
With four special grandchildren like you My broken angel wings took refuge and flew Joy is was what I felt
As my heart melt
When I held you in my arms

Letting Go

How do you let go of someone you will always love? When being with them is enough
The sun is brighter and the sky is blue
The very sight of them makes you feel brand new
How do you let go of someone you love? When you feel ecstasy from their very touch
Their smile melts your very soul
You want to hold them tenderly as you grow old
How do you let go of someone you love? Do you try to forget them or do you make up?
When being with them forever is not enough time Only once in a lifetime true love you will find?

The Colors of Your Love

The colors of your love
Fit my soul like a glove
Shiny and clear
Bring sunshine and cheer
To my heart deep within
A place is given
For colors that touch my world That shed layers of frills
A passionate kiss
Upon my lips
Like a rose
Bright and red
My soul is fed
With a rainbow
Of dazzling colors
With midnight blues of wonder A dash of green
Sprinkles the sea
Onto the sand
Over the land
A skylight blue
Is dressed in jewels
The yellow sun
Glows upon a full moons orange Autumn leaves fall to the ground The birth of springs colors come out These colors light up my world In the blazing wind as they twirl In circles for all to see
Portraying your love unto me

In the stillness

I look to the light
While I listen inside
To where my heart bleeds
I then set my soul free
To thy self I will be true
For I no longer depend on you
In the stillness
I sense my strength
No need to pretend
I feel love from within
I reach out to the sky
As I fly ever so high
In the stillness
I become all I can be
God’s grace empowers me
I turn to the love in my heart
While surrounding myself with others who support my cause I am blessed with wonderful friends
Who believe in me from beginning to end
In the stillness
My angel wings graciously fly
With an abundance of freedom and peace tonight For I have found love inside of me
God put love in your heart too
Won’t you ask him to walk along side of you?

My Love-My Man

My love lies where my heart is
He makes me feel happy and blessed
The bright sun couldn’t be brighter
Always makes my troubles seem lighter
As he reaches out to hold my hand
Somehow he makes me understand
How truly amazing his love is
To hold him is simply heavenly bliss
When I kiss him tenderly on his lips
He gives me encouragement when I am blue A special love that is everlasting and true He supports me while easing my fears
Each time he listens to me, and dries my tears When we happily celebrate another year together On our anniversary he always remembers My love you take the darkness away
Writing love letters to me is just your way Of never forgetting me or putting me last The things you do for me are never a task You always embrace me with a beautiful smile Your love is unique with it’s own special style Tears sometimes come to my eyes
When I think of all you left behind
For me and always putting me first
I cherish each time we hold hands in church My darling your love is an unselfish love You never put anyone or anything above Our love is magical and pure like a dove My heart and soul you have profoundly touched My love together there is nothing we cannot endure Your love is a treasure I will cherish forever

First Love

He was my first love
I remember when we first held hands
When we hung out to see our favorite bands He had a gentle nature and seemed to understand The many things I endured
He was my best friend and was close like a brother We watched dark shadows after school
Cooked french fries for something to do
He tried to protect me from my family
Walked me home from school each day
Carried my books for me with loving grace We talked, laughed, cried, and partied
I know that he really loved me
We had a unique love that was happy and free We got back together after many years
My addictions brought on many tears
For he could not watch me destroy myself any longer My love and respect for him only grew stronger I am now twenty years clean and sober
Life had its way
We went our separate ways
He will always have a special place in my heart For our bond was strong right from the start

When I Saw You Today

When I saw you today My heart gave away
How I treasure you
Like a bird I flew
To hold you close
Deep in my soul
My image of you
Is pure and true
You stood with beauty Hair shiny with glare All I could do was stare Eyes as bright as the sun Your smile was wide open Cute cheeks with dimples Zest with appeal
Sweet innocence too Love shining through You sparkled with light I held you so tight
I cherish you
Do you know?
I love you so

My Heart Will Wait Forever

My heart will wait forever for you
I promise never to settle even if I’m lonely or blue
God is good and he will one day bring us together Until then my love I will write you love letters
He hasn’t forgotten about us my precious love
We must wait for his time and tender touch
Take good care of yourself and follow his will
Soon we will hold each other close in fields of daffodils I know your lonely waiting for me as I am for you
Just remember I love you and I’ll always be true
Hold onto knowing some day we will never part
Only you fill that special place in my heart
Oh darling I look forward to the day we will kiss
You will always be first on my list
We will embrace each other in the night
Hold onto each other for dear life
For we have waited a lifetime to finally connect
My heart will never rest
It will keep our precious love alive
When you come back into my life it will be till the end of time


Memories I cannot erase
They hold a special place
For love that once was
A time I held you above
Protected you with golden gloves The times we cried
Holding each other tight
The walk in the woods
How you just understood
When things weren’t easy
You reached out to me
Cherishing our days together
By the fire in inclement weather
Tender moments by your side
Planning to be your bride
Making plans for our future
The amazing vacation that summer Kissing each other in the rain
Celebrating our love over and over again

You Are the One

You are the one I’ve waited for all my life Only you can fill this heart of mine
You’re inspiring, amazing, and blissful
You soften my heart and I feel hopeful
With an abundance of love flowing from yonder Oh spirit of joy my cup runs over
With great wisdom and abiding truth
You possess great inspiration that bears great fruit At daybreak there is bright light
Upon dawn my soul flies high
In midday my innocence only you can steal Your great mysteries begin to reveal
An awareness of your inner joy and ease Begins to shed your love and light upon me As you hold me close by your side
Protecting my values you hold so high
I’m touched deeply and yet I can’t explain How the magnificence of your embrace
Enlightens the glorious connection being made

A Harley Sunset

They met and their lives changed
He touched her like no other man
Both were beautiful inside and out
They were best friends but it’s much more now
He is a man with great knowledge and wisdom
She is intelligent and wiser because of him
He has learned how to become responsible
She was enlightened by the impossible
He is her teddy bear who helped set her free
She is grateful for the one who is remarkable and trustworthy They bring out the best in each other
As they both heal from their disease and recover
One day at a time their love is at its best
They will one day ride off into the sunset
Off to paradise on the big Harley
As they thank God for a love so sweet

I Hear Your Cry

I hear you cry
Deep in the night
It touches my soul
The spirit of God has let it be known My friend you are not alone
Release the energy
The hold it has on thee
You will be set free
Just know that you posses
The power of forgiveness
Through the grace of God
You can let it go
So that peace can take hold
Trust in his perfect love
His tender touch
For a healing to take place
Trust in his love and pray
There is so much more in store for you Then feeling pain and being blue Forgive and you shall be forgiven You will find your heaven
You deserve the very best
Give your weary heart a rest

A Rising Singing Star Annette Eva Devine

She sings with the love of God in her heart Inspires me with her talent and art
Her singing voice is captivating
She planted a seed for me to follow my dream Implying it was my destiny
Graced by being friends for many years We laughed and shed some tears
She always believed in me
Saw only what I hoped to believe
To make a difference in others lives
I’m blessed to have her by my side
Her unique style creates great light
For love and a blessed life
We hold fond memories of the past
Shared dreams upon our path
Grew together with life’s challenges
United and healed through our weaknesses Yes we follow our dreams
To become all we can be

A Special Student

Angel of light and love
Thank you for blessing the lives you touch For believing in me and my poetry You’re a treasure to hold and keep I see God’s spirit in your eyes
Filled with love that cannot be denied Your accepting and caring ways
Make me appreciate
The talent and dedication
In following your hearts dream
While working hard to succeed

The Essence of Her Beauty

The essence of her beauty was magnificent The pain she endured was no accident
As she fought back with falling tears
While showing courage in the place of fear She caught a glimpse of her beauty within Flew to the heavens with angel wings
Such amazing strength she captured from her soul Finding self-love to cherish and hold
As she reminisced of a time
When love was blind
Her escape to freedom carried great promise For a new happy life while being blessed
She flew through the universe happy and free With an abundance of joy and time to just breathe A new love in her heart filled with spirituality

Seen Through Natures Eyes

Oh beautiful woman in the forest
Your eyes look weary from lack of love and respect They tell a story of my life’s adversities
The pain and suffering that brought me to my knees My heart aches from seeing the shadow of me I sense your longing to escape the pain
Teardrops fall from your eyes like the falling rain You grapple onto the essence of the forests wonder While fleeing from the abuse of another
You have the saddest eyes I have ever seen
You spent most of your life searching for peace As you stare into mid air
You feel lonely and are consumed with despair Be strong you will make it this time
In your heart you will find
The love and peace through natures vine
Losing yourself through natures colors
From the tallest trees and dazzling flowers
As you shelter yourself from harms way
There will be a brighter day
You relinquish your inner beauty and are set free To become all you were meant to be

Passing on Love and Light

Your love had me mystified
As tears fell from my eyes
I remember how you never honored my love
I could never seem to give you enough
To your never ending pit
Being bullied by you made me heartsick
A love that turned into a prison
Of brick walls with wounded feelings
When you withdrew your façade of love
The heavens fell down from above
The innocence I lost from a betrayers mouth
Led me down a road of heartache with no truck big enough to plough, the debris inside my soul, and haunting eyes I am leaving now for I have butterfly wings to fly
I am taking my love back from you just in time
For supportive friends who are by my side
They wrap around me faith, strength, love, and light As I bow down my head to pray
I pass on love to the new friends I make

The Freedom from Letting Go

Disillusionment led me to believe you were the love of my life A romance with shards of wonder and light
Eyes with glittering diamonds
Turned to scoundrel’s invasion
Back then I would have gone to the ends of the Earth While you disenchanted my spirit and tore at my self worth My soul was tormented when the monster came out in you The push across the room left me broken and blue In the beginning the essence of your love sprinkled like magic An epiphany of change turned love into a tragic
Blood bath as a portrait of pain became my world
As my emotions drifted in an endless whirl
I frantically protected my heart as it bled
From the heartache and abuse your insecurities
Letting go of the toxic destruction of the distant past While seeking refuge from a broken soul whiplash
A torn heart intends to heal and awaken
Shadowing images of you ponders my mind and are no longer intoxicating
The misconceptions of your wrath will no longer be deceived A song in my heart dances to a different beat
Embarked with life’s passion and harmony
Forbidden love is no longer in and out the door
Saving grace with eagle wings
Fly away from any new or distant thunder
Taking refuge in a solace of light and love
Sprinkling the sea with fairy dust
While living in a sanctuary of new found peace My renewed spirit encounters paradise Living happy, peaceful, and free

Dancing to a Different Beat

She was swept off her feet
While she danced to his beat
Her heart was drenched with pain
A once free spirit quivered and sank
How she paid the price every time he drank
The tone of his voice shook everything in sight
Each new day she learned how to fight
It was a fight she did not own
Each time he got stoned
Her life would change
Bringing her grief and pain
She finally had enough and said, “No more”
Feeling relieved as she flew out the door
There was no looking back
No more paying dues for his wrath
She found bliss in the forest one day
So she decided to stay
She blanketed herself in roses
While being mesmerized by natures scent
It was a breath of fresh air, to no longer be in contempt Gazing at beautiful autumn leaves
The enchanting colors set her heart free
Dozens of birds began to chirp
She began to feel free like a bird
When the animals in the forest embraced her heart and soul She felt young again even though she was getting old
The beautiful scenery became her sanctuary and favorite place For nature’s unconditional love and acceptance became her saving grace


The heavens felt the rage in my heart and soul The sky ripped open to embrace and hold
My broken tattered heart
While the pouring rain stopped
The clouds collected each of my fears
The sun gave me refuge and dried my tears
The lightening cast its power upon my head
Withdrawing all the pain I ever shed
Mountains glory rolled over the poison in my veins Replacing it with dignity and freeing the shame I felt the voice of God in the depths of my spirit Whispering one day soon you will overcome and flourish The angels danced around me with glee and charm Breathing love into my spirit while making me strong


As I stare into the sea I reflect
I let go of the past with no regrets It is truly a blessing
A miraculous feeling
Occurs with a spiritual healing
The sadness turns into light
In the midst of the starlit night A smile is upon my lips
Changing life’s course at my fingertips Empowering me to be brave
I am no longer afraid


Angel a beautiful wonder is what you are
You’ve become strong from the abuse you endured
Flying with your butterfly angel wings to the bright blue sky Empowering others both day and night
For the abuse and adversities many have faced
We treasure your love and endless grace
The inspirations and poems you freely gave
Are empowering and generous contributions for abuse victims that you made
Because of your beautiful words and the way you love and shine We thank you for generously sharing your heart and soul with such amazing talent. You give endlessly and freely of your time Your eagle wings soar through the skies
With heavens angels as your guide

Accepting Others

Accept your sisters and brothers Pray for your mothers and fathers Be grateful for your family and friends Remember we are all human
What is important in the end
Is love and acceptance
Supporting a friend in need
With kindness and good deeds For we are all part of God’s family

Touching Hands

Touching hands and reaching out
Sharing words of wisdom and ending doubt
Loving spirits and tender hearts
Yearn to flee from abusive relationships and make new starts Motivating the ones who need to set themselves free With love and acceptance they too can believe
Everyone deserves a life of freedom and peace


Woman of God
Tender heart
Fosters hope
Spirit of love
Will tenderly touch Your soul and life
Prays for you
Spirit is renewed
Time and time again A treasured friend
Prays for love and peace For humanity

Dear Jesus

I loved him with my whole heart
It took courage to finally part
As I think back to how it was
How many times we fought
We weren’t meant to be
I was blind but now I see
His smile seemed to make the sun appear
Somehow I always ended up in tears
The clouds would come through
At the end there was nothing left to hold onto
I believed he was my true love
I put him above
The deepest blue ocean
For he made my heart sing
I believed nothing could measure
The love we had together
Memories of love I used to treasure
Are gone now forever
Feelings flooding through me like a storm
Used to feel the warmth
Of love but it’s now gone
Love that went wrong
Jesus you guided me with light and knowledge
Clothed me with love and tenderness
Taught me to believe in myself, and focus on me while being strong To have faith in you and move on

My heart Cares For You

Dedicated to My Sisters

My Heart Cares For You
When you are down and blue
My love for you lies within my soul
Warms you when you are cold
Uplifts you when troubles arise
Inspires you and is on your side
My heart cares for you
When the world has let you down
Is here for you when no one can be found Prays that all of your dreams come true No matter what life brings you
I pray you remember my heart cares for you

How I Love My Children

For Tracy and Michael

My children you are so precious and divine Sweet children of mine
How I cherish each moment with you God blessed me not with one child but two You both light up my life
Make everything bright
You touch my heart and soul
Your loving ways make me humble
Your honor I promise to protect
To put you above the rest
By being there for you when you need me Praising you for every good deed
I will stand by you when you’re hurt Make a positive difference here on Earth Give praise every day for your birth
Hold you when you need to be soothed Comfort you when you’re confused
How do I thank God for the loves of my life? I will do my best to treat you right
I love you very much always remember You’re in my heart now and forever

A Mothers Prayer

For Tracy and Michael

I pray you never place anyone or anything above God’s eternal love
I pray for every tear that you cry
Someone special will dry your eyes
I pray for every triumph you make
You will take the time to celebrate
I pray with each lesson in life
You come out stronger and on the other side
I pray you will remember the good in all
That you pick yourselves up each time you fall
I pray you remember the good times we had
Knowing you were the best gift in life I ever had I pray you stand by your children no matter what they do To know they will always have open arms to come home to I pray you let humility be your guide
By allowing God to lead your life
I pray you remember me for who and what I was A mother who loved her children with her whole heart

A Grandmother’s Prayer

For Payton, Amelia, Nicky, and Hannah

As you awaken in the morn
I pray you’ll know how blessed I was the day you were born When you play and go to school
I hope you remember how much I love you
When you go to sleep at night
I pray you’ll think of me when you turn out the light While you say your prayers
I pray you know how much I will always care
That there is nowhere else I would rather be
Than holding you close to me for all eternity

Payton How I Love You

My dear and precious granddaughter Payton
When I first saw you I soared through the skies to heaven You were so adorable and cute
I was so happy when I first saw you
I held you right away and told you I would always stay Close by your side while loving you day by day
You made memes dreams come true
With a wonderful granddaughter like you
I treasure each moment we are together
I will tenderly love you forever
When you were a baby I sang you to sleep
I had so much fun playing Bozo with you, and tickling your feet You’re so sweet, beautiful, nice, and smart
I admire your beautiful loving heart
No one could ever take your place
I love looking at your beautiful face
Thank you for all the happiness and love you freely give Your unconditional love taught my heart how to live When I am in heaven some day I will be your guardian angel too Guiding and lovingly watching over you
I feel your pain for the losses you have endured
Losing Sadie and missing daddy bring tears
For when you are in pain I feel it too
I would do anything for you
I love you sweetheart remember to follow your dreams Taking care of animals in your future is what I see
You have such wonderful friends Chandler and Sophie Just like you their both special and sweet
Tiger loves you and is cute as can be
You’re so blessed to have a special mom and wonderful family Follow God and love him with all your might
For this is a recipe for a happy life
I’m so proud of you
Praying that all of your dreams will come true

Amelia How I Love You

Dear Amelia I love you so much
There are no words to express
The love I have for you inside
I will always cherish the precious time
We spent together playing in and outside When you were born I hugged you tight
I could hardly wait until you came home that night I took care of you with your mother
I held you tight while singing songs in the rocker I smiled at you and we always laughed
You were so good when I gave you a bath

Please never forget me
You make me feel grateful and happy
Your smile is like the most beautiful flower I cherish every minute and each hour
I am with you and the things you say are so cute I love showering you and Payton with love I thank God every time we hug
We have so much fun playing
Your creative ways are amazing
Thank you for always being so happy to see me There is no other place I would rather be I will watch over you and Payton
When I someday go to heaven

Nicky How I Love You

You are so adorable and cute
When you were born tears filled my eyes For the joy you brought to my life
My first Grandson
You are so handsome
You’re so good and remind me of daddy When he was young
The way you are sweet
You made your dad’s life complete
When you were born
The angels tooted their horns
You are so creative and smart
With a great big heart
You’re so good to your little sister Hannah Always sharing your toys with her
Playing nice with your cousins Payton and Amelia I am so proud of you
Thank you for loving me too
My prayer for you is to have a happy life
That all of your days are serene and bright While being successful in all that you do Praying all of your dreams come true

Hannah How I Love You

Meme loves you and your beautiful smile
Your smart and such a good girl
You say the cutest things
I love how you sing
You dance so well too
I love everything that you do
It’s so much fun playing games with you
You’re so sweet and adorable too
When you were born I was so excited
When you first smiled at me I was delighted
You touched my heart
Soothed my soul
Your love is precious to capture and hold
I thank God for your caring ways
When you say I love you meme
My heart sings
For the love you bring
To my heart
I love you so much sweetheart
I will always be here for you if you need me
You and your brother Nicky
May God bless you and hold you in the palm of his hand Remember to follow his perfect plan


Loves the children She is fun loving
Stands by dad
Likes to laugh
Strong family ties
On her side
She is devoted
By her smile
She has a unique style

Birthday Wishes For Mom and Dad

You seemed happy by my visit
You really enjoyed the chocolates For your birthday I wrote you a poem You said it gave you faith and hope My birthday wish for you is peace To someday be able to see
I pray that God fills your heart tenderly

Happy birthday to you
My wish for you is that your dreams come true

I pray that God will lovingly watch over you too Blessing you with peace in your heart and soul To find love and light and always know Jesus loves you because the Bible tells me so

Dedicated to the Next Generation

One can forgive past adversities
To forget them is another thing
For the mind ponders
What the heart feels from yonder
From the residue of another’s wrath
Although one cannot change the past
Awareness and education can inspire a needed task To help prevent child abuse for the next generation For a child’s life of love, acceptance, and affection
Instead of abuse, neglect, and lack of protection
In a child’s heart, mind, and soul
The grace of God embraces a new generation of love to enfold

Bright Eyes

For Jean
You have the brightest eyes I have ever seen Your blue eyes are like the models in a magazine
Your eyes are bright like the twinkling stars As they glow they show your tender heart
Your beautiful eyes color the world With long dark lashes that curl
Your eyes are pretty and sparkle with color To brighten the world with magic and wonder

Emma and my Nieces and Nephews

Oh sweet Emma how God loves you
For all the kind and thoughtful things you do He gave you such strength and amazing grace For losing both of your parents, one at a young age You stand strong while healing from your pain Always working hard and standing brave
The nursing skills you have mastered are outstanding Your contagious humor leaves others laughing You and Ryan make such a remarkable pair Cindy loves you, as if you were her own daughter Thank you Emma for touching our lives
I ‘m so happy you will be Ryan’s wife
God bless you and don’t ever change
The love we have for you will remain
In our hearts forever
You’re a blessing to our family that we treasure For all my nieces and nephews
I pray that all of your dreams come true
Give to the world and the best will come back to you


A friend like you is a jewel
For there is no other like you
You always brighten up my day
Make me feel special in every way I’m blessed to have you in my life
Because your company is a delight Although we cannot always keep in touch I know our friendship means so much To you and I
Our friendship is one of a kind
When we meet again
My dear friend
It will be a special blessing

For My Friends

My friends past and present are a gift from God
They fill my life with happiness and love
They inspire me to never give up
Encourage me when I am feeling down
Bless me when I’m in the lost and found
Always cheering me on to reach for the stars
For they know I hope to inspire others hearts
To make the world a better place
Enlightening others to stay focused and safe
To use my life experiences to shelter others from life’s storms By reaching out to the ones who mourn
From child abuse or any adversity
To teach them love is the answer not resentments and misery Yes my friends know me well
They support my cause
To inspire children, youth, and adults hearts
My friends know how much I care
To make a difference and to be there
Thank you friends for lighting up my life
For accepting me and being by my side
Let’s stand by each other until the end
For there is no greater joy in life than a true friend

Debbie A Special Strong Woman of God

Her smile lit up the room
The brightest smile I’ve ever known
A faithful woman of God
With a tender loving heart
A dedicated mother and grandmother
An amazing outstanding worker
She empowers women and the oppressed I have always felt blessed
To have a special friend
She stands by me, and is like an angel from heaven We watched our children grow up
Stood by each other when things were tough We laughed and cried
Thank you Jesus, for putting Debbie into my life

Kenny and the Birds

Kenny loves his birds
They are his world
He loves how they sing
To him in the morning
Kenny is a loyal friend
He takes the time to listen
Has a big heart and warm soul Brings you up if your feeling low Kenny has always been there for me Showed me love tenderly
Like a father
Warm like a brother
A dear friend and confidant
Someone I cherish and trust

For My Students

I have faith in all that you do
For I believe in you
Make all of your dreams come true Remember to keep the focus on you Listen to the voice within
You’ll make it if you begin
To make a commitment
To do you’re very best
Study hard for each test
Have pride in yourselves
If by chance you should weaken and fall Listen once again to your call
In what you were meant to be
Shoot for the stars and follow your dreams

Chase Von Author and Mentor

Chase is very talented
Extremely dedicated
Helping others reach their dreams He is warm and sincere
A gifted poet and lyric writer An amazing Mentor
A remarkable human being Such a blessing
He inspires me
Touched my heart
Filled with love
Incredible and knowledgeable Is like an angel
With a great sense of humor A dream reacher


Paul has a kind and gentle nature He is full of fun and adventure
Knows how to have fun and dance I could tell he was unique at first glance His nurturing and thoughtful ways Always brighten up my day
While taking the time to communicate He’s upbeat and tries to educate When I need advice
He is always nice
Will lend an ear
Is supportive and dear
Encourages me and uplifts my heart Positive and very smart
Knows how to be a good friend
Taking me for who and what I am I know in life Paul will go far
For he has the talent it takes to be a star

Al Cole DJ &Author

Women are hypnotized
By your gorgeous blue eyes
Al-cole-holics that’s what many women are
They will follow you near or far
You inspire others with your romantic poetry The songs you sing bring joy and ease
Touching hearts with anticipation
While fostering a change through poetry and education What a healthy romantic relationship should be You’re a gift to society
A DJ in the night
With a voice that’s out of sight
Thank you for stepping up to the plate
To honor women’s dignity and grace
For believing that men can make a change
One sweet day
Through heavens gate
While working those endless hours
So many admire
Your dream in helping others
Your dream is coming alive
By touching so many lives
With your extraordinary beauty within
Thank you for being a wonderful friend

A Teacher’s Joy

Teaching has brought joy and tears
The joy is in seeing a student succeed
Following through while focusing on their dreams When they graduate tears of joy come to my eyes Knowing I played a small part makes me feel good inside When I go to school
It’s rewarding to see old students and meeting the new The children are our future
It’s inspiring to have the opportunity to be there To show them you care
Teach them the lessons
Pass along inspiring poems to them
So many are reaching out for inspiration
To improve their lives with hope and direction I thank God for this special gift
To touch the hearts of our kids


Paige is a fascinating woman
She shelters dogs while teaching them discipline
Her endless hours of training
Run into many long nights
Her dedication is commendable and held with great pride I stayed at her beautiful Log Cabin this summer
The house and landscape is held with great beauty
I was in awe of the stunning flowers and maple trees
There was a huge porch with amazing character
It made me feel like I was in the south somewhere
We had lemonade and gazed at the magnificent stars
I never saw so many, they twinkled as if looking right down at us Every time I saw her she was in a rush
Taking care of the dogs then having lunch
She took me to a neat restaurant
We sat on the deck where we could feel the sun
We talked about things we had done
I slept in the beautiful sunroom near the porch
One night there was an electrical storm
I opened my eyes to lightening coming through the sky I ran to the living room
You could hear the thunder and see the lightening shining through The next day I helped by cleaning her cellar
There were cobwebs everywhere
I did not tell her
I never before used a ladder
She seemed happy for the job I had done
It didn’t seem like work because we had fun
I’m happy we had this opportunity to spend some time Thank you Paige for that weekend this summer It is one to remember

In Memory of Martin Luther King

Do you know?
The impressions you left on souls
Do you see the love that unfolds?
I see it in the eyes of the oppressed
The children who are blessed
The women who struggle to empower
Themselves in the midnight hour
It shows in the assertiveness of man, who can now take a stand When you reached out your hand
While making that change
You still remained
The same
Who you were
A humble heart that stood strong and fought for
Justice, unity, freedom, and peace
Using non-violence in the face of adversities
To touch souls
Love we have come to know
In spite of it all
You stood tall
Took a stand
For the good of man

Barry Manilow

Your beautiful songs touch my heart
Songs of love sung by an amazing star
Your musical talent has melted my soul
A wonder of elegance enfolds
Men and women think you’re songs are wonderful No other voice could measure
The beauty they capture
I’m dressed in a tapestry
Of your intriguing mystery
While adoring love is overcoming me
You are the king of music and artistry
The world is blessed by your creative gifts For the many souls you up lift
May God bless you for all that you give

Touched by a Soft Wind

For Barry Manilow

A soft wind touched my heart
Late last night
With a warm glow from afar
I had visions of you holding me tight
Whispers of love
Melted my soul
As my spirit flew peaceful like a dove
Love knocked on my door and I began to float Smothered by your sweetness
Overflowed me from head to toe
Your rhythm of music
Blew my mind
Enlightened me time after time
The mystery of your love is inviting
Each song you sing is exciting
The essence of the songs you sing
Touch a special part of me from within

Jesus is Love

Jesus your precious love
Is deep within my heart
Your wisdom teaches me
To be all I can be
Shows me light
Gives me life
Hope and faith
Never goes away
All I need to do is pray
There you are
You’re never too far
To guide me
In my journey
Inspiring me to follow my dreams Lovingly watching over me
Oh Jesus
I am so blessed
To be loved by you
A love forever and true
You bring
Light and peace
You are the king of kings


We’ve been friends for many years She’s always been there
I love her like a sister
We went through a lot together She has a great big heart
She is supportive
I cherish
All the fun
Karen loves the sun
She always believed in me
Loves me like family
Had a cool cat Ringo
He died though
It broke her heart
Had to make a new start
A beautiful soul
Blessed to know


TM and DS are blessed with a special friendship Although we don’t see each other much
We’re just a phone call away
Sending email messages to each other brightens our day We used to be neighbors
Double dated together
Went to Vermont for a special dance
Stayed in a lovely Inn
We danced all night
The next morning we were quite a sight
But we didn’t care
We were just happy we could share
That special time together
We have a strong bond
Both of us love the oldies songs
I love my friend TM
We will always be the best of friends


April has a soft-spoken voice Let us all rejoice
By her inspiration
April is such a blessing A beautiful smile

With a dazzling style
Eyes of bright light
Like an angel she takes flight With angel wings tonight Soars through the skies
Then finds heavens gate To be cherished and graced


She has a beautiful smile
With a unique style
Creative and imaginative
Extremely talented
Has a beautiful heart
A gifted teacher of art
She is cherished and loved
Inspires her students every day
Makes them feel valued and safe I am blessed to have a wonderful friend Joan is truly heaven sent
Thank you Joan for inspiring me To look at things objectively
You enhance my life
Grateful to have you by my side


Life precious as it is
Can be taken away at a moments notice Live life with your whole heart and soul For there may be no tomorrow
Love with passion for your loved ones
Work hard and pray, and remember to have fun Don’t forget to tell everyone
How much they mean to you
Make amends if you need to
Give to the world in all you do
The best will come back to you
Trust God cherish family and friends
Follow your dreams it will pay off in the end Let the child in you come out to play
Don’t be too serious
For today may be your last day


A new beginning Flowers blooming Children playing Birds singing
Lovers kissing
Sun is shining
Brighter days
Visit lakes
Elders reminiscing How I love spring A warm breeze Rustle the trees Sky so blue
All things new


In the summer
The days get longer
There’s a soft cool breeze
Down by the beautiful sea Children playing happily
Lovers going to the beach
Many folks travel near and far Elders take a walk in the park While feeling young and alive Reminiscing of days gone by Animals enjoy going outside Families picnicking together Enjoying the summer weather Watching a breath taking sunset Memories to never forget
From summer sweet summer

Autumn Leaves

The autumn leaves were falling from the trees Many of the leaves colors were red, orange, and green As they landed on the ground I could see
The beauty they possess on a deeper level
Than ever before
How I appreciated their beauty
I just sat and adored
Their beautiful colors
Some got wet from the rain
Others were swept away
As they began to spin
From the wind
The sun came out
Not one single cloud
In the sky to see
Just autumn’s beauty at its peak


The wind blew
Whistled through the trees
Awakened my heart and its dreams If only I knew
The depth of its flight
Deep in the night
As I gazed upon the stars
I made a wish afar
For hopes of true love
I captured the beauty of a dove
Sunrise appeared
It brought tears
To my eyes
While watching the passing years go by I began to cry
Suddenly the sun shined bright My cares were swept away
It began to rain
Heavy it sustained
With clouds in the sky
I went inside
Thanked God for another night Went to bed and turned out the light

I Love My Valentine

I love when you’re tender
I love when you remember
I love your smile
I love your frown
I love your heart
I love how you’re smart
I love your spirit
I love how you’re different
I love your soft touch
I love you so very much
I love your caring ways
I love how you pray
I love your sense of humor
I love when you’re clever
I love being with you
I love everything you do
I love having a special valentine so true

The Holidays

The holidays are here and I especially love Christmas Although the holidays are fun times for some of us Others may have sorrow and troubles their way We all come together to rejoice and celebrate By spending special times with friends and family Many people help others with works of charity Excitement is in the air for our little ones
As they wait patiently for Santa Claus to come Making special presents for those we hold dear Buying presents hoping to pay for them this year As we hear our favorite Christmas songs
It brings back memories of holidays now gone The songs may bring a tear or two to our eyes When we miss loved ones at Christmas time Lovers are grateful they are not all alone
As they kiss their sweethearts by the mistletoe The lonely hope for a soul mate to hold them tight Elders reminisce of the good old days gone by There is hope for miracles, happiness, and good deeds Everyone is in awe of the beautiful Christmas tree Admiring baby Jesus in the manger
Spending time making a snowman with a youngster Brings everyone at least some joy and laughter Thank God for the holidays it’s a great time to reflect At times they can be emotional and create stress It feels good when somehow we all connect
On the holidays even if we can’t feel the cheer We have hope in our hearts for a better year
My special wish for you this holiday season
Is the wonder of love in your hearts while sending your holiday greetings

Dear Lord

I pray
Each day
I mess up
Get stuck
Say things
Don’t mean to say
Lose my way
Buttons pushed
Sanity is flushed
When I take back control Forget what I know
Being human takes over Help me Lord
To be accountable
While being responsible Give me strength
Angels send
Light and love

What are we all Looking for?

What are we all looking for?
To be loved, respected, or adored?
Is it to become rich, powerful, or famous? While looking good, and appearing gracious Or is it to bring about world peace?
Ending wars, poverty, and disease
Meditate for serenity and inner peace
Could it be to empower our youth?
Guiding others to begin anew
Is it to make it to heaven one day?
By living life in a more spiritual way
Being blessed by the difference we made From the devoted love and time we gave Could this be what we’re looking for?
Making the world a better place than ever before

You’re Not Alone

I hear you cry
Late at night
It touches my soul
God wants you to know
You’re not alone
Release the energy
The hold it has on thee
You possess
The gift of forgiveness
Through the grace of God
You can let adversities go
Through many channels
God has chosen you to be free Open your heart and you will see He wants you to be happy
I know things have been tough Trust in his perfect love
For a healing to take place
All that matters is love
It really is enough
Forgive and be forgiven
You will find your heaven

Hear the Voice Within

The voice within your heart is important to hear At times it will bring you back to younger years To a time when you were a child
It will tell you the truth if only you allow
The voice to be heard loud and clear
Protecting feelings and memories you hold dear Bringing attention to special events
Spending times with family and friends
Listen carefully to your voice within
You can learn from it if you listen hard
It can even show you how to mend a broken heart Showing you how to embrace issues from the past Making peace with things that make you feel sad Trust your inner voice to show you the way Allow God to bring you to a happier day
Your future is untouched so listen to your inner voice Paying attention to your voice is a good choice

A Teen has Dreams

My dream is to one day be a football star Another is to have a family close to my heart Although I have made past mistakes
I’ve learned from them and plan to take A new direction
As I pay attention
To my dreams
To become all I can be
I have learned that taking drugs and drinking Kept my life down and when I was sinking I realized that I didn’t want my children To have a lifetime of suffering
For them to become nothing
Positive in their lives
I wanted more so I decided to do things right Thank you God for making me see
Following your will is the way to succeed


Searching for truth
Searching for love
Searching for light
With God by my side
Searching justice for all Searching to be an example To end war
Violence no more
Searching for equality
Searching for morality End adversities
Pray for peace

If You Want Love

If you want love
Give unconditionally
If you want truth
Be honest
If you want justice
Be fair
If you want empathy
Show compassion
If you want equality
Accept others as they are If you want good morals Be a good role model
If you want to be happy Be grateful
If you want happy children Shelter them with love
If you want romance
Be loyal and romantic
If you want good friends Be a good listener
If you want a family
Be a part of it
If you want to make a change Let it begin with you
If you want success
Give it your all
If you want peace
Surrender to God’s will

Embrace the Light

Embrace the light when you feel you can’t go on No matter what adversities you face try to be strong Let go of the past so you can live in the present Your future is untouched make it important Have hope in your heart and think of others Be kind to yourself and bless one another There is a light at the end of the day
When you reach out to God as you pray
He will reveal to you his light and truth
His promise is to never abandon you
Believe in his light of love
In the good times and when things get tough Remember to embrace the light
Seek the truth through different eyes

Rise Above and Succeed

We all come together from different cultures and paths Let us all encourage each other to adapt
To a place where there are opportunities for growth As we inspire each other to never give up hope There are times when the light begins to flicker Making it challenging to focus on our future We need to keep the focus on ourselves
So we can succeed rather than fall


You hold the key
It’s up to you
You know what to do Can’t you see?
Set yourselves free
For a spark of hope
This is no joke
Reach out and try
I’m on your side
Don’t change your mind Give up the blame
Don’t play foolish games Hold onto your dreams In time you will see
Forget all the drama
Begin to honor
Who you are
A true star
Just say no!
To drugs and violence You are resilient
The past is gone
Your future is untouched Never give up
Become willing
By surrendering
Yourself to a better life Make it right
Take my hand
I do understand
Hold your heads up high Reach for the sky
Be all you can be
Have faith and believe

A Poem for You

I said a prayer for you today
I asked God to lighten your way
I asked him to hold you
In the palm of his hand
To guide you for his perfect plan I prayed you would feel his gentle love I prayed for you to never give up
I prayed for your faith to be renewed I prayed he would always watch over you I prayed you would feel his compassion I prayed for you to have everlasting Eternal life with him one day
I prayed you would begin to pray

Dream Reachers

Follow your dreams
Be true to your heart
Others may not believe in you
Regardless never stop believing
Until you’re a star
Dream reachers make their dreams come true They stretch high in all that they do
Their dreams come true no matter how long it takes They persevere to be first place
Dream makers create
A difference in the world we live
For dream reaches know how to give
In the end you will be blessed
For the legacy that you left
Will continue to touch others souls
A priceless gift worthy to note

Mother Mary

Mother Mary Mother of God
How you suffered watching Jesus die on the cross Your love and strength on that sad tragic day Was faithful and enduring as you portrayed Your love for him
For those who sinned
The pain he endured
His fallen tears
The tears that you cried
As you’re precious son died
Will never leave my mind
I love you so
For you truly know
What he gave on that day
Yet you were so brave
I adore your loving ways
Mother Mary let us all pray
For world peace today

Through His Eyes

Through his eyes I see the truth I feel the pain
Yet I’m renewed
Because I gain
To flourish my spirituality Through his eyes I sense his love His eyes bring me to my knees No need to run and hide
Such beautiful eyes
Filled with compassion
One can only imagine
The abundance of his love When I am blue
His eyes comfort my soul
Loving eyes pure and true
Jesus I love you
Through his eyes I know
He loves me so
Be still for I am God
The one you have sought
Here to guide your journey To love you for eternity

“Jesus died on the cross to give us all everlasting life”

Born Again Happy and Free

We were all sent from the heavens with the intentions of being loved, cherished, and cared for with parental protection The thunder in the sky filled the world with adversities and strife The time has come to rise graciously from being a victim

To become a survivor through love and inspiration
The sun grasps its loving hold
Upon your beautiful face
A radiant glow is marked with dignity and grace
Your heart holds the inner beauty only you possess
God put it there for you to pass each and every test
To empower you with courage, faith, and hope while you embrace the light
Your inner strength fulfills your destiny with victory and might You are a survivor strong and secure
For your spirit has triumphed and soared
As your heart faithfully arises to the occasion
For a lifetime of happiness and celebration
A once torn and broken hearted spirit
Flees to freedom and is finally delivered
The wonder and magic inside of your heart
Is relentless and dedicated to make a new start
While floating peacefully in mid air you arise to the top A voice is now heard let us all rejoice
For the strength and truth in your own powerful voice Love is singing in your heart again
From becoming your own best friend
Your born again, and renewed by the grace of God
For you’ve come home now to your heart

Grasping Destiny

Grasping destiny Take flight leave! Unleash ties
Lightening strikes Heavy cross bears Pain disappears
Power of infinity Overcomes adversity Cease to overpower Devour
Courage of soul
Stand bold
Power of love
Mountains glory Reign Victory

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