Combat Yoga Fitness HTML version

For military and law enforcement
By Clifford C. Smith, CYI, CPT, CAM
Ó 2009 All rights reserved worldwide.
A Guide for Stress Management through the application of Combat Yoga
Fitness Ô and holistic lifestyle principles.
“A simple to follow program that can be completed in 30 minutes”
Vis Medicatrix Naturae
"If we can stay awake when our lives are changing,
secrets will be revealed to us--secrets about ourselves, about the nature of
and about the eternal source of happiness and peace that is
always available, always renewable, already within us."
—Elizabeth Lesser
This book is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always consult a medical
doctor if you suspect you have a medical problem. Nor is it a substitute for any treatment
that may have been prescribed by your doctor.