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Published: 5 years ago

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John West has it all... A beautiful girl, a great job he loves, a wonderful life. But is it all just a hallucination? After six years in a coma, John wakes up to find his beautiful life swept away in a storm of experimental drugs, and he has no recollection of his pre-coma existence. His choice is clear: Stay in a drab world not of his making and beyond his control, or return to his happy life in the "other" world. Coma is a comedy that challenges our everyday conceptions of reality, God, love, George Bush, and other illusions.


I don't think that the book concerns to section "humour". I expected something different.

Kellie Reaney

Sounded amazing. Unfortunately, the summary is the best part. The play format does this no favours. However, there was potential even if it was unrealized and I'd be interested to read what else Tom Hayes brought out.

Robin Campbell

Superficial in its story.. bouncing rather quickly from scene to scene without much depth.. was not expecting to read a play. A quick read though!

becky pow

Its reads as a movie script not a story. Rather disappointing.


Tom Hayes

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