Colours In Blackness - A New Life - Book #1 HTML version

I've been watching them and I never realized how fast they grow from simple little eggs to
beautiful robins. They're getting their adult feathers already. They've lost most of their down
feathers, which are soft as a cotton ball, by the way.
Pretty soon I'll be watching them fly from the nest. Well hopefully they'll fly and not
splatter. I think I'd be pretty upset if they fell.
Note to self: Be sure to plant seeds in the box before they come to roost next year so that
flowers will grow around the nest. It'll be pretty.
My headache isn't so bad this morning, but my eyes are still sensitive to the early afternoon
light. Sleeping in until 11:00 is magnificent. There's nothing like knowing that you have
absolutely nothing to do, so you can sleep for as long as you want.
I finally pull myself out of bed and make my way down to the kitchen. Mom's sitting in the
front room watching TV and playing games on her laptop. Probably some dumb 'shoot the
bubbles' thing. She seems to like those pointless types of games.
Dad's out in the garage building something. I can hear his table saw wailing away as it chews
its way through some poor innocent piece of wood. I wonder what he's making.
His work always looks awesome, but I can't figure out why he doesn't just go out and buy the
stuff instead of making it himself. That sounds so much easier to me. He says that it gives him a
sense of pride for a job well done, and that I should try it some time.
Ah, the kitchen… breakfast. I know we have my favorite cereal because I put it away when
we sorted the groceries last night.
The cereal tastes so good, the milk is super cold.
Mom comes strolling into the kitchen with her half empty mug, heading straight to the coffee
pot to get a refill. “Good morning, baby girl! How'd you sleep?”
“I think I might have slipped into a coma, not just slept. I had some really bizarre dreams.” I
mumbled as I shoved more cereal in my mouth.
It's true… I don't remember having any dreams that actually made any sense. Just flashes of
colours, with bubbles floating around. I could almost see people and other odd pictures in the
bubbles. Nothing made any sense... some really crazy stuff. Nothing like I’ve ever dreamed
“So how's the headache?” Mom sips her coffee and groans because she burnt her lip again.
It's a common occurrence.
“Not too bad.” A strange feeling waves through my head, almost as though I'm losing
control, or getting farther away from my physical self. My arms start tingling. The bowl of cereal
slips from my grasp and smashes on the floor in what seems like slow motion. I can't move my
Pain… Sheer utter agony. My head is going to explode!
Blackness… I… Can't... See...
Flashes of bright colours flicker and smear together. It's like a kaleidoscope, only the
multitude of shades blur into each other creating colours that I've never seen before.
I feel like I'm floating... quietly, softly while these colours engulf me. When I move my hand
back and forth, the colours blend together leaving a trail of swirls and waves.
I can’t help but laugh. This is so amusing. I must be dreaming. My weightlessness is
something that I’ve never felt before. It’s almost like I’m swimming through the beautiful hues,