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I'm lying in my bed with my light blue cotton T-shirt and fuzzy blue pajama pants, because Laden insists that I be as comfortable as possible. He puts a cold, damp, washcloth over my tired, red eyes. It feels really good.

“You just relax for a little while. I'm going to stay with you in case you need me. If you happen to fall asleep, and wake up, and I'm not here, I'll be back very shortly with some lunch for us. If you're ok after that, then you can go to class. Or just stay here with me, and I can really help you relax.”

Reassuring me that what happened between us really did happen, Laden kisses my lips so soft and gentle. With my eyes covered by the washcloth, the kiss seems to be so much more intense. Butterflies flap wildly in my belly. He pulls my blanket up over me, tucking it under my neck, and then sits down on my computer chair.

I ask, "Laden, why do you think that I'm having these visions now, at this stage in my life, even though I've never had one before?"

He answers, "That's a good question. I don't have a definitive answer, but in my opinion, I think it has something to do with your age. Most of the kids here didn't have any abilities until after maturity. However, some kids are as young as thirteen." Laden pauses for a few seconds. "I've asked myself that question a lot. I have no answers for you, but I'm working on it. No more talking, you rest."

I’m quiet for about a minute before I can stand it no more. “What are you going to do between now and lunchtime? Please don't just sit there and stare at me.” I really hope he finds something to do to keep himself busy. “You really don't even have to stay, I feel fine.”

“Ok, I tell you what... I'll go get my laptop so that I can work on some of my own school work while you sleep; that way I won't be staring at you. I'll be back in a few minutes. You stay in bed.” With that said, Laden leaves my room.

It's so quiet, and I'm so exhausted. I welcome sleep. I must have drifted off quickly, because I don't even hear Laden come back in the room. Did I fall asleep? I take the washcloth off my eyes and look around. I guess I didn't fall asleep. Where is Laden when I need him? I feel weird… queasy almost.

I flip the blanket off, and slide out of bed. I'll just step out of my door to see if Laden is out there talking at the nurses’ station. If so, I can tell him that I'd like to go to the mess hall and get a ginger ale or something.

When I open the door, the scene unfolds. In a heartbeat, my fear level is at its highest. I’m not half asleep, I’m wide awake, sort of, I think. I turn to run back to my bed, but my room isn't behind me anymore. I am asleep, I think, right?! Obviously I'm not getting out of this dream, so I think I'll just get it over with quickly.

I step through the doorway into the food court in the mall. The ceiling has already collapsed and some people are screaming. Some are obviously dead, and others are just standing in one place, looking around. I think they're in shock. I tell myself to breathe, and it'll be over with soon.

Reluctantly I turn around to my left. Sure enough, there he is, the man with the bloody face. His ear is still hanging off his head, of course. Blood is all over him. I can smell it, and it's nauseating me. Wait, I can smell in my dream?

He speaks, “Young lady, can you help me?”

I'm trying desperately not to run screaming from this man. I remember what Dr. Jennifer had said about maybe he's talking to someone else, not me. I turn around to look on the opposite side of me, to see if anyone is standing there. There is no one.

I turn back to him. “Can you see me?”

“Of course I can. Since you're not hurt, maybe you can help me.” The bloody man isn't trying to be scary. He can actually see me. I can talk to him and he hears me. How can this be?

“What can I do? I'm not really here. This is just my vision. Besides, my body is frozen and I can't move… see.” I attempt to make a step, figuring that I'm not going to be able to, but I do; my body can move. How can this be happening? I feel the urge to do something, but what?

I look down to see that I’m wearing the same light blue cotton T-shirt and fuzzy blue pajama pants that I was wearing when Laden tucked me into bed.

The bloody man takes my hand in his. OhmyGod! He can touch me. Am I actually here somehow? While pulling me along behind him, he starts to talk again. His voice is so soft and monotone. I think he's in shock. “I need you to come over here and help this woman.”

“Wait! The best way that I can help you sir, is if you tell me where we are and what mall we are in. And tell me the date and the time. Please! I am seeing this from the past, and I might be able to stop this from even happening. Do you understand?”

I can do something. I can help. That's why I'm here. That's why I can see these visions. They're not coming to me to scare me, it's because I'm supposed to prevent tragedies that are shown to me. I'm not scared of having visions anymore.

The bloody man tells me the time and date, and the city and the name of the mall. I thank him and wish him luck. I turn around to go back to the doorway that leads to my room, but where is that? There's no tunnel or hole that I'm supposed to climb through. Am I stuck here forever? Wait, I remember how I got out of the vision from earlier, when I first saw the bloody man. I screamed. That brought me out of the vision.

It can’t hurt to try. I take a deep breath… I look up at the ceiling as straight and tall as I can, preparing for the pull back to my body. I close my eyes and scream as loud as I can.

Suddenly, I'm weightless, and being sucked backwards through the colours and the blackness so fast that I want to throw-up. I open my eyes to see Laden sitting on my bed with his hands on my shoulders, shaking me and anxiously repeating my name.

“Laura! Laura, wake up! It's just a dream, come back to me.” Laden looks scared. His eyes are huge, and even in this very dim room I can see that he's a little pale.

“Ok, ok, stop shaking me, I'm back now. What happened?” I know what happened from my perspective but I want to know why he was shaking me. Did I scream bloody murder in this world too?

“You were sleeping, and obviously dreaming, but you didn't look like you were having a bad dream, so I let you sleep. Then all of a sudden you sat up, looked up to the ceiling and screamed so loud. You scared the hell out of me! You just kept screaming until I shook you, and you woke up. What the hell did you dream?” Laden still looks scared, but the colour is starting to come back to his face.

“Is that a pop for me?” On my computer table is a tray full of food, and what looks to be a nice cold pop. He opens it and hands it to me. I take a long drink and of course, burp. Yeah that's sexy. I apologize.

“I know where the vision takes place and when. I can prevent this. I have to tell someone.”

Laden picks up his cellphone and punches in some numbers, and hands me the phone. “Arianna Phillips, how can I help you?”

“Hi, it's Laura Sadie here. I had a vision earlier with Dr. Jennifer's guidance, and just now, when I was asleep, I dreamed it again. But this time was different.” For some reason my stomach goes all queasy when I try to tell her about the man talking to me, and touching me, and that I could walk around. I decide not to mention it. “I know when and where it's going to happen.”

“Ok, first of all, how are you feeling?” Arianna is trying to keep her voice calm, but I can hear the anxiousness that she's trying to repress.

“I'm fine, Laden is here with me and he checked my vitals.” I wonder if I should have told her that, but then realized that Dr. Jennifer was the one who told him to stay with me, so it’s ok. “But I need to tell you where, so you can make it not happen.” I go on to tell her when and where I see my vision taking place.

“Laura, how did you get this information?” Arianna is really curious.

What do I tell her? I can't tell her the truth, because my stomach flips around and won’t let me, every time I try to. I have to lie, but I'm so bad at it. “I'm not sure how I know. I just do. Maybe I saw a sign or something, but I'm absolutely, positively sure that the information is true. I just deep down really believe it.” I hope I sound convincing.

“Ok, don't you worry about a thing. I'll call the necessary people, and we'll do everything we can to prevent this from happening. So you just rest and take care of yourself. If you have any symptoms arise, then make sure you let Laden or Nurse Lorraine know about it.” Arianna sounds so strong, so in control. I wish I were more like her.

I hang up the phone, and hand it back to Laden “I'd really like to eat something. Is that our lunch?”

Laden grabs me and holds me to him. He wraps his arms around me, and I melt into him. I really do need someone to hold me. Normally it’d be my mom but she’s not here. I miss her.

After a few minutes, Laden releases me, kisses my forehead, then reaches over and turns on the light. He puts the tray in front of me, pulls up a chair next to the bed, and leans in to kiss me, but he stops abruptly. His eyes open wide, and he pulls a penlight out of his pocket. He shines the really obnoxiously bright light, in and out of my line of vision.

“Can you look up? Down, to the left, now right?” Laden takes the light from my eyes. “Can you see alright? I mean, is your vision clear?”

Ok, now I'm getting scared. “No, I have a bunch of little red spots in them because of your penlight. Otherwise, yeah, why?” I hop up almost knocking the tray off the bed, quickly walk to the bathroom, and flip on the light. I'm horrified by the reflection staring back at me.

My eyes look like balls of blood, and the bags under my eyes are purple. I look like I've been punched in both eyes; a few times. All I can think about is what is everyone going to say when they see me? They're going to freak out. I look like a monster.

Laden comes into the bathroom and stands behind me with his hands on my shoulders. In comparison to my ugly mug, his face is as perfect as an angel’s would be, maybe better. I still can't believe he likes me.

“Don't worry, Laura, it will go away in time. Come eat some lunch”. Laden pulls me away from the mirror, and guides me back to my bed to eat lunch.

Nurse Lorraine comes to my room. Wow, news really travels fast. Arianna must have called her, and asked her to check on me. It’s a good thing that Laden wasn’t hugging me or kissing me when she walked in.

She does a quick blood pressure test, and gives me a pill to take. She says that it will help me get some real sleep with no interruptions. I gladly take it. Sleep without dreams sounds amazing. I'm kind of scared to close my eyes. Maybe this pill will ease my anxiety and let me rest.

After I am almost forced to eat lunch, Laden insists that I lay back and rest. So I climb back under my covers and drift off into a dreamless sleep.








I wake from my fantastic sleep. The sun is shining through the gaps in my curtains. The tap at the door is what woke me in the first place. I roll over and look at the clock; 6:57am.

I can't believe that I slept for more than 17 hours. The best part of my sleep was that there were no scary dreams, no airplanes crashing, no ceilings collapsing, and no bloody-faced men.

Beep, beep. My phone is alerting me. Tara must have texted me. I pick up my phone, and sure enough, Tara sent me a text to make sure I'm awake, and let me know that she'll be here in 45 minutes to pick me up for breakfast. I suppose I'd better get up then.

My body is so stiff from sleeping so long. I rub my eyes, only to feel pain. I instantly remember that I look like a monster. I almost run to the bathroom and I flip on the light.

OhmyGod! I look the same as yesterday; a little better maybe. It wasn't just a horrible dream. The whites of my eyes are blood red; creepy, and the bags under my eyes are still an awful reddish colour. “Dammit!”

I quickly flip on my computer and fire off an apologetic email to my mom and dad, letting them know that I had an episode so I was medicated and therefore slept forever, and that's why I didn't e-mail them last night. I didn't tell them about my eyes, or what happened during my vision. They would only worry.

Tara and I get to the mess hall, and everyone who glances our way stops dead and stares at my eyes. I am the center of attention. If I wasn't so hungry, I'd just run back to my room and hide out until this goes away. Even Tara stared at me for a good five minutes before she looked away. I explained to her what I saw and was able to do during my vision. She was amazed.

Tara and I sit down at the breakfast table. Nobody looks up right away. Until, of course, when Jessy freaks out. “Holy Shit! What the hell happened to you?! If someone hurt you, I'm going to kick their ass. Tell me who it was.” He spoke so loudly, that people two tables over stop their conversations to look at us.

Before I can say anything, Tara speaks up, “She had another vision yesterday, when she relaxed with Dr. Jennifer. She wasn't in a fight. The Doc had Laden take her back to her room to rest. Only, she dreamed the whole scene again.” Tara stops talking and looks around and lowers her voice. Everyone leans in to hear her. “Don't say anything to any doctors or staff, but she discovered that she can smell things, touch things and people, walk around, and the best thing is that she can have a conversation with the people in her vision. She found out when and how the ceiling collapse is going to happen. Isn't that cool? The only problem is that somehow these visions really affected her eyes. She says they're better than they were yesterday. I can't imagine you looking worse. Sorry, that was rude.”

Everyone at the table is smiling. But Jessy is the one who does the talking. “I think your eyes will go back to normal soon. Being able to talk to people in a vision, and everything else that you can do now... is awesome! You might want to keep that a secret, though. We can all do more than we're telling them. For some reason, all of us get a sick feeling when we try to tell the doctors anything. Did you feel like that too?”

I nod my head. “Yeah, it’s weird. My stomach flips around so much that I can’t talk until I decide not to say anything. It’s not with everyone though.” I can’t say anything about Laden, and I even though my stomach isn’t what’s telling me not to, my conscience is. I don’t want him to get fired. “I mean, I can tell you guys and nothing happens.”

Sherri cuts in, “Yeah, we'll have to fill you in on everything that we all can do another time, when prying ears are out of range, if you know what I mean.” She looks towards people at the table next to us.

Both of my morning classes cause havoc because everyone wants to get a good look at me. Minor chaos ensues. A few people even took pictures of me with their phones. Everyone wants to know why I look like this, and what my vision was about.

After lunch, Todd and I leave the mess hall earlier than usual because he wants to take a more scenic route to Concentration Class. He says that the walk will do us both some good. I can't argue with that, since I'm still a little stiff from all that sleeping.

While walking down a corridor together, I notice there are no other students anywhere to be seen. I really don't think this is the way to class. Where has he taken me?

Todd says, “Laura, I like you. I think we can be really good friends, maybe more than friends.”

Todd stops walking, and spins me around to face him. I feel warm and tingly all over; sort of nervous. He pulls me close to him, and presses his hot, soft lips on mine. My heart starts to pound, and I know I should stop this, but I just don't want to. His lips are a perfect fit to mine.

Again, an extremely hot guy is kissing me. Who knows why this keeps happening; right now, I don't care. OhmyGod, he's such a good kisser!

I throw my arms around his neck. Our mouths, in complete sync with each other, are kissing in the most perfectly orchestrated way. Our movements coincide flawlessly with one another’s, somehow.

His body presses against mine, and he wraps his arms around my waist. Without even the slightest stumble or awkward flinch, Todd opens a door and moves both of us into the room. My back is against a cold wall. His huge hand is on the side of my face, holding my lips to his. His other hand is on my waist holding me to him.

I want him so much. I can't stop myself; not that I want to right now. My body needs him, wants to feel him. His firmness is pressing into me. His cold hands find their way under my shirt and under my bra. Twinges of passion shoot through my body, awakening my most secret desires.

Why am I doing this? I'm not like this. I should stop, but I don't want to.

His lips leave mine, and he drops to one knee pulling me onto the other. My legs straddle over his thigh. I'm still facing him with his lips glued to mine. His hand grabs my butt, and he pulls me against him. He's so much stronger than I ever imagined him to be. His other hand is under my shirt, caressing my bare back. His lips kiss my neck, softly, sensually.

I open my eyes, and realize for the first time that, we're in a janitor's closet. There are cleaning chemicals and toilet paper on the shelves, and a mop and bucket right next to us.

As though my mind and body snap back into my control, I jump up off of his leg, and back up against the wall. “You did it again. You jerk! You promised you wouldn't do that to me anymore. Are you that desperate for a girlfriend that you have to use emotional control just to get some?” I am really angry. I try to put my clothes back together again, while he slowly stands up.

He looks confused and hurt, like I emotionally bruised him. “I didn't use it, at first. You wanted to kiss me back, and you did. You had full control of yourself, up until we got into this room. Only then did I use a little persuasion, but it was only to heighten your senses, not make you do anything that you didn't want to. I thought you'd like that.”

“You didn't control me?” I'm having a hard time trying to think back, and ask myself if I really did have full control of myself. Did I really want him that badly? OhmyGod! First Laden, and now Todd… I'm turning into one of those slutty girls that I really despise.

“No, you asked me not to. You said not to ever take control of you unless you wanted me to, and I do really think at one point you absolutely did, so I amplified your senses. I really didn't have to push very much desire into you. That was almost all you and me, babe.” He smiles ear to ear.

“Yeah, well… I'm… not… ready for a relationship right now. Everything in my life is already confusing enough. The last thing I need is a guy hanging all over me. So, well... you know…” Realizing that I'm probably hurting his feelings by saying that, I stop tucking in my shirt, and look up at him. I should probably explain better. “Besides, I already have a boyfriend. At least, I had a boyfriend before I came here. He sort of broke up with me in an e-mail recently. I’m not looking for a rebound guy.”

“He might be scared of your abilities. Most 'normal people' fear the unknown, and well, we definitely fit into the unknown category, that's for sure.” Todd rolls his eyes and giggles a bit.

I lean out the door, and look down the corridor to make sure there is nobody to catch us coming out of the closet together. When I'm sure the coast is clear, I take Todd's hand and pull him out with me, then let go as soon as we're out.

We start walking quickly down the hall to class. “Todd, I must say, that was really hot! I mean, we fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. You know?” I just know that I'm going to regret saying that one day.

Note to self: Stay the hell away from Todd when we're alone!







After dinner, we all pile into Todd's room in our pajamas, so we can discuss the extent of each other’s talents where no prying ears can hear. We all sit on the floor in a circle, with a heaping pile of junk food and pop in the center of us.

Sherri starts it all off. “The staff here all know that if I touch someone, I can see what they see, and feel what they feeling, right? Well, there's more to it than that.” She looks over at me. “Everyone here, in this room, knows that there's more to our talents than just what everyone else knows, so tonight, we'll fill you in on everything.”

“You're going to love this.” Jessy's smiling at me.

“I don't actually have to touch you to read you. I can read you from across the room. It's really hard and energy draining. I have to really concentrate on it, but I can do it. I'm getting better at it, and it's tiring me out less each time I do it. However, if I do touch you, I automatically read you. I still can't stop that. I can also see some of the things you've seen and done recently. If I am touching you, then I see it so much clearer, and with more detail. So like I can tell you what colour of underwear that you put on this morning without touching you, because I can see what you've seen. As of yet, when not touching you, I can only go back a few hours in your memory, but it's still really cool. I'm looking back farther and farther, every time I practice. I can sift through your brain, and pick out information that you know. Let me tell you, people do some freaky shit when they are alone.” Sherri's giggling, probably remembering a reading where she saw someone do something weird.

“What’s so funny? Fill us in.” Todd questions Sherri but she just waves her hand and shakes her head, no.

Sherri continues, “Most of the staff are too afraid to let me touch them. They don't want me to read them. It's like they all have a big secret... strange. Weird part is that I can't pluck it out of their minds. So, whatever they’re hiding… they’re hiding very well.”

“We all think there's something going on around here. We can feel it.” Jessy takes a big drink of pop, and shuffles closer, to tell his abilities. “Ok Laura, you are the only one who doesn't know the extent of my gift, and I would love it if you would take a ride with me.” He winks at me, and jogs his eyebrows.

I can't stop staring at him. What does he mean about take a ride with him? Please don't let there be another guy that likes me… I'm having a really hard time saying no lately.

“Don't look so worried, I'm not hitting on you.” Jessy and the others all giggle, except for Todd who also let out a sigh of relief, right along with me. “You already know that I can hold time, or speed myself up, however you want to look at it. Well, I've been learning so much more lately. I can now take people along with me. If I hold your hand, the world will slow down or stop around us. Or maybe we'll just speed up, and the rest of the world goes super slow. I'm not really sure yet. Oh, I can also hold time for up to fifteen minutes now, and getting lengthier every day. So, I will have to take you for a ride-along. Are you busy for about a half of a second... literally?” Everyone giggles including me.

“Nope, not busy at all. Besides, we're running low on pop. Can we make it to the mess hall and back before you're ability stops, or exhaust you?” I'm really looking forward to trying this out. After all, isn't it everyone's dream to at least once in their life, to stop time?

Jessy and I stand up. “Ok, peeps, see you in a second.” We both laugh, and he reaches out and takes my hand.

I feel a slight suction in the air, and then, just like he said, the world stops. I look down at Todd, who was tossing peanuts up into the air to catch them in his mouth, and the peanut is actually stuck in the air… just hanging out there defying gravity.

Meanwhile, Jessy is watching my every reaction and smiling like a proud peacock. “Cool huh?! Come on, let's start walking. Oh, and we are definitely going to change that peanut to a gummy bear; Todd hates gummy bears. If we can't mess with our friends, who can we mess with?”

After passing unmoving people in the corridors, we make it to the mess hall, and load up with pop and gummy bears. Jessy takes a chocolate cupcake with lots of icing on it, and smiles at me wickedly. He's up to something.

I roll the pops up in my shirt, because we can't let go of each other’s hand. We are on our way back, when Jessy starts talking again, more seriously this time. “Laura, if you ever need to talk, about anything, just call me, and I'll be there in a flash, ha-ha. Seriously though, I'm here for you."

We walk up to one of the frozen people in the hallway, and he dips his finger into the cupcake, making sure he gets a good wad of chocolate, and rubs the icing on the person’s cheek. It looks like they didn't aim very well when they were eating chocolate. He does it to three other people; it's mean but hilarious.

"There are not too many people you should trust around here, even some people that you think are trustworthy, but you can trust me. I know how hard it is to adjust to being here, and being kind of a freak; like we all are, in our own way. You seem like a nice girl… the kind of girl that one should respect.”

I know there is some hidden meaning behind what he just said, but I don't want to assume anything. “What do you mean by respect? Don't be shy. Just say what you want to say.”

Jessy holds his breath for a second before he speaks. “Ok, look… I know that you and Todd have something going on, and I think you should know that he's not the nicest guy around. I think you deserve someone who'll respect you more, and not just want to... use you. You know what I mean. He has been a real sleazy guy to some girls. He can be really nice sometimes, but not all the time, if you know what I mean.”

How can he possibly know about Todd and me? “I don't know what you mean… me and Todd?”

“You left your full water bottle in the mess hall today, so I figured with my speediness, that I would run it to you before you got to your class. I ran the normal route, and couldn't find you, so I went another way. When I was walking down that corridor, I saw the two of you locked in a rather intimate embrace, so I hid and unfroze time. I don't know why I did that, it was wrong. I shouldn't spy. I'm sorry. I saw the two of you go into the closet together, hot and heavy. I, um, just want to make sure you know that Todd uses his ability on girls all the time. You are not the first, and you won't be the last. When he gets what he wants, he'll move on.” Jessy looks very apologetic, and sincere. I’m honored that he feels the need to protect me.

We arrive at Todd's door, and I still haven't said anything to ease his worry, until now. “We didn't do anything but kissing; I stopped it. He said that he didn't really use much of his ability. I don't know why I...” I stop talking. What else is there to say? Thankfully, he doesn't know about Laden too!

Jessy gives me a shy little smile, “I just thought you should know. Oh and I didn't tell anybody. It's not their business.”

With that said, he opens the door, and we walk back through. He swaps out the peanut for a gummy bear, rubs a little chocolate on Todd's face, and unfreezes time. Todd's face when he bites into that candy is priceless. He whips the half chewed gummy at Jessy, who can't stop laughing. Everyone else is laughing so hard at the chocolate smeared on Todd’s face; and he hasn't realized is even there yet. Jessy is just sitting back, eating the cupcake, and laughing, trying to look innocent.

Tara laughs at Todd too. “So Laura, how was it? Pretty wild, huh?” I nod frantically. She continues, “So you know about Sherri and Jessy; Reilly, you want to go next?”

Reilly sits up from his lounging position, and takes a long chug of a Sprite, then belches out a five second burp. “Oops, pardon me. Well I can do mind control, as you already know. What you don't know, is that with the mind control, I can also make people forget things. Not only the things that I've made them do, but regular things like whether they put underwear on this morning or not. I can also make a whole room of people forget if they put their underwear on this morning, not only just one person anymore. I’m so much more powerful now. I never use my abilities on any of you guys. Of course, you wouldn't know it if I did… but I don't.” He does an evil laugh, jogs his eyebrows, and lounges back against the bed.

Todd looks at me and says, “You already know what I can do, but I can also kill someone if I want to, without ever touching them. I can control their body energy so well, that I can send them so much anxiety that they have a heart attack. I can also physically heat them up so they actually boil their own body from the inside out. I haven't killed anyone, if that's what you're thinking. But I do have that ability, if I ever had to.”

“Ok, so that just leaves me.” Tara is all giddy, so anxious to tell her talents. “Laura, you already know that I can leave my body and go places, but what you don't know yet, is that I can touch things like you can during your visions. I can move things around, but I haven't been able to master taking things back with me yet. But I'm working on it. Oh, the best thing is that I'm starting to be able to travel hundreds of miles. I don't like the being sucked back into my body part of it, but I do love the getting out part. I can go and see what your parents are up to if you want, maybe leave them a message.”

“No, that'll just make me miss them more, and scare the crap out of them.” I have to change the subject before I cry. I miss my parents so much. “Does everyone know everything that I can do?”

“Everybody knows. What we were thinking, is now that you can see visions in your sleep, then maybe you could try to just close your eyes, and have a vision, if you want to.”  Tara is the one to speak on everyone’s behalf, but all stare at me and nod from time to time. “Maybe you can bring it on at will, and you just don't know that you have that ability yet. You are still very new to all this, and it took us a while to get to where we are.”

What Tara is saying makes sense. Since they have all been able to extend their abilities, then I should be able to do it to. Why not… it can't hurt; well it could make my eyes worse, but it's still worth finding out. “I'll try. The worse that happens is that I fail, but then I can try it again, then again. Maybe one day… who knows? Tomorrow though, ‘cause I'm exhausted still.”

Once everyone is finished talking, the majority of the junk food is gone, and my belly is swooshing full of pop, Tara and I decide to head back to our rooms so we can try to get some school work done before class in the morning.

Instead of heading to her door, Tara follows me to mine. “Can I come in for a minute? I have to ask you if you can help me with something.”

“Of course, come on in. I'll help if I can.” I'll help Tara with anything. She's so good to me. She's been a better friend to me than Andrea ever was.

We walk into my room, and I almost jump out of my skin. Laden is standing in my room, waiting for me. The look on his face is probably the same expression I have... Oh-Oh!

“Hi Laura, Tara, sorry I'm in your room without your permission, but I wasn't sure if you were sleeping, and I wanted to bring you those clean towels that you mentioned yesterday that you needed. If you were awake, then I was going to go get my clipboard and get started with the nightly taking of vitals. I'll need to take yours as well Tara, so don't run away. By being here, you can save me the trip. Unless you'd rather me just come to your room later on, and do it there.” I thought Laden came up with a pretty good excuse. Better than what I would have thought up, but I suck at coming up with a lie when I'm under pressure.

“Well, I'll be heading back to my room in about half hour, if you want to wait until then, but you are more than welcome to check me over here, and get it over with.” Tara doesn't even seem to think anything of Laden being in my room. She isn't even shocked or anything. Maybe he lets himself into everyone's rooms whenever he wants. I wonder.


Note to self: Ask Tara if the staff let themselves into our rooms often, when we're not in them.


“Ok, I'll go get both clipboards. Back in a minute.” Laden walks past us both and out the door.

“Is it ok if I use your bathroom?” Tara's already walking towards the bathroom, so of course I nod; what am I going to say, 'No, you can't, because if you do you'll realize that Laden didn't actually bring me clean towels!' Well, I have to think of something to tell her when she questions. Oh I'm so bad at this.

Laden comes strolling back into my room, and wraps the blue squeezy thing around my arm and begins pumping it up. He leans in and gives me a nice, soft, kiss. I swear that my heart skips a beat. He says, “I was hoping you'd come back alone. I was going to tuck you in.”

The bathroom door pops open, and out bounces Tara. She sits on the edge of my bed waiting for Laden to take her vitals. “So Laden where have you been hiding lately? Usually you're always hanging around.”

Laden's eyes leave mine, but he doesn't look at Tara, instead his eyes seem to be shifty, like he's trying to come up with an answer. “I've been needed to help out in another area. We're short staffed right now.”

“What area?” Tara's really being nosey

“Um, in the… in another section. I'm just not needed here as much, so I'm helping out on other floors and stuff. More hours, more money.” Laden seems a little nervous. My stomach is telling me something is wrong. Either that, or I might puke from all the junk food I ate.

While Laden is taking Tara's vitals, I go to the bathroom, and thankfully, Laden actually had brought clean towels. That man sure does think ahead.

When I come out of the bathroom, Laden doesn't say a whole lot, he just finishes taking Tara's vitals, and leaves.

She throws herself back on my bed, and says, “OhmyGod, that man is so damn hot! One night with him, and I’d be ruined for any other man. How can one guy be that nice, that smart, and frickin’ gorgeous beyond belief?”

“Oh yeah, he’s definitely got the whole package. Have you ever tried to… you know... with Laden?” Oh, if she only knew about him and me. I really want to tell her, but not just yet. “Has any girl that you know of?” Yeah, I’m being sneaky but I’m curious.

“No, I never have. He’s way out of my league! I don’t think there’s been any other girl either.” Tara looks at me straight-faced and says, “Laura, I really like you. I know I can trust you, because my stomach doesn't get all yucky when I think about telling you secrets. So, I want to try something, but you have to help me do it.”

“Yeah, of course. No problem. What would you like me to do?”

Tara is so happy, that I agree to go along with whatever it is she’s planning. “Well, at first, nothing, just watch me, make sure I'm ok. Let me explain, I'm going to lie down on your bed, and I'm going to travel. Do you remember the room that says ‘Restricted’ on the door?”

I nod my head in complete understanding. “The one that I suggested you travel into… of course. You want to go in there. I am so in. Just tell me my role, and we can get started whenever you’re ready.” I can't wait to find out what's behind that door.

Tara laughs, “Woo-hoo! I knew you were the right choice for this! Ok, so when I travel, my eyes open and roll around and flicker sometimes. Please don't be afraid of that. Second, I'll talk to you, telling you what I see. Your task is to write down anything I say that sounds relevant. And the most important part is that I'd like to try and take something out with me. You know, bring something back. So, when I wave both my hands at you, like I'm saying 'Hi' or if I yell at you, then sit me up and I'll come back to you. Or at least, I should come back to you.”

I'm so scared, and excited at the same time. I pick up the paper and a pen, and sit down on my computer chair that I pull up to the bed. It reminds me of when Laden sat like this with me, and how it was so intense when we started making out. Focus!

Tara lies down on my bed and stretches her arms out by her sides, and starts breathing really deep, long breaths. After a few minutes, her body shakes a little, and then her breathing goes back to normal but her eyes start shifting and blinking. It's kind of creepy.

That's when she starts talking in a really low whisper. “I'm out. I'm almost at the ‘Restricted’ area... start writing. I see books, shelves with folders, hundreds of folders. There's a nurses station with one nurse. I’m passing the desk now. I see rooms; hospital rooms, glass walls lining the hallway. There are people in the beds. There are breathing tubes and IV's in the first person; a man, I think. The second room, across the hall, is a girl, long hair; blonde, no tubes, sleeping maybe, coma perhaps. She's not moving. In the third room is a girl; short brown hair, OhmyGod! It can't be. I'm going in to make sure. It's... it's Mabel Whitson! She's here! They said she was someplace else! They lied! Why?!”

Mabel Whitson is the girl that Reilly was sort of dating for a while. But she didn't take the medicine, and she went into a coma because of the pain. She has my talents. Dr. Turner had said that they moved her to another hospital.

Tara is so upset. She must have been close to Mabel. She's right though, why did they lie about her not being in this hospital? Why would they not let anyone visit her? What are they hiding?

Tara spoke again, “She just said my name! I wish I could talk to her. I think she knows I'm here. Dr. Turner is coming into the room. He's looking at her chart; now her eyes with a light. He's watching the computers that are hooked up to her. He looks confused. He's talking to her. He's saying, 'Mabel what do you see right now?' Mabel says, 'I miss Tara'. Doc says, 'Do you see Tara?' Mabel says, 'In my dreams.' The Doc is writing something down in the chart, and shaking his head. He looks sad. Doc is saying, 'I wish you'd have just taken your medicine, Mabel. I waited a long time to get a Seer like you. Even with all that work, I was never able to get one to turn out like you. But just between me and you, I do have another girl. She's a brand new resident. She's a little older than you, but her gift is still in its infancy stage. I must have patience. All in due time. She will have so much power, because she is a natural. She is very special. If she only knew what she was capable of. I wish I could stow her away. Now don't tell anybody our little secret.' Doc is leaving the room. I am alone with Mabel. A nurse is coming! I have her file, pull me out. Hurry up!” Tara waves her hands frantically.

I grab Tara by the shoulders and sit her up really fast, and start shaking her. She gasps loudly, “Ok, I'm back, I'm back, stop!” She runs to my bathroom and hurls, rather loudly I might add.

I look down in amazement to see that she brought the folder back with her. “Tara, you did it! You actually did it!” I smile and laugh. I truly didn't think it was possible, but here it is.

“Holy Shit!!” Tara's face is lit up with excitement. She starts flipping through the pages. She stops about two pages in and asks me, “Was Doc Turner your pediatrician from birth?”

“Yeah, from the day I was born. Why?”

Tara looks angry, “Because, he was Mabel's pediatrician from birth too. And he was mine. And he was Todd's. I need to ask Sherri, Jessy and Reilly if he was theirs also. There must be a reason why all of us had the same doctor all of our lives. It can't be just a coincidence. I bet he has something to do with all this!”

I say, "Maybe that's why Doc always tells me that I am really special and very unique. He always says that I'm one of a kind. Now I know why he says that. How could he have known back then that I'd develop an ability?"







We read through Mabel's chart and Tara heads back to her room. There's really nothing we can do tonight. Tara is completely drained from her travel. It took a lot of energy for her to grab that chart and bring it back with her. I still can't figure it out. It's scientifically impossible, right? I mean, things like that only happen in the movies.

I fire off an e-mail to my parents, letting them know that I'm doing well, and everything's great over here. There’s no need for worry.

My mom writes back almost instantly, saying that she and Dad are coming for a visit tomorrow. It’s all set up. They'll be here just after breakfast. I miss them so much.

I shut down my computer, and take a quick shower. I'm all tucked in bed and am almost asleep when... someone starts knocking on my door. Its 11:37 pm, on a school night. I get out of bed and open the door. It's Laden.

“Hi, were you asleep?” I don't think Laden cares if I was sleeping or not, because he just comes in. "Is it ok if I come in?" His big glowing white smile is leading the way. The door swings shut behind him.

He walks past me then stops a few feet away. I stand there for a moment, wondering if I should ask him to leave; only because my heart is pounding so fast. I could just say that I’m really tired. I decide to just go with it for now, but if I feel threatened, I’ll ask him to leave using some stupid excuse.

I start walking back to my bed. Laden grabs me around my waist from behind, and spins me around. His lips press into mine. His arms hold me tight. I wrap my arms around his neck, holding his face to mine.

While still holding my waist, he walks me backwards to my bed. Laden lays me down with him on top of me. His movements are so smooth and graceful.

Even though I'm utterly exhausted, he is totally turning me on. I’ve never had a guy take control over me so gently and yet so firmly, before. My other boyfriend dulls in comparison.

Laden kisses down my neck. He coddles my breast in his hand over my nightgown. He is so sensual that his kisses and his body movements are arousing me in ways I’ve never felt before... I feel sexy.

He starts sliding my nightgown up. Goosebumps follow his hand as it slowly glides up the side of my hip, along my waist and finally rests on my bare breast. He slowly kisses down my body.

Laden kisses me in places I’ve never been kissed before. My body is on fire, burning hotter than it ever has. I lose myself in his touch, his kiss. He loves me in an amazing way. I don't know for how long… time is irrelevant.

He kisses back up along my neck, to my lips. “Has anyone ever kissed you like that before?” I shake my head ‘no’. I cannot form words, no matter how hard I try. Laden smiles his stunning smile and says, “I have to go now. Will you miss me?” Again I nod my head, and he gives me another very sexy smile.

Laden stands up from my bed and adjusts himself, before turning to leave. He stops. Something on my desk captures his attention.

“Why do you have this?” I’ve never heard Laden sounds so angry. Even with a fierce expression, he’s exquisitely handsome.

“I found it... on a bench... in a corridor.” I have to lie. My stomach isn't giving me a queasy feeling, but trusting my body right now, after the excitement it just went through, no way. So I lie... not very well either. “Why? I mean, it’s just a folder. It’s probably really old. I’ll put it back tomorrow.”

“You shouldn't have this. Do you know what will happen to you if they found out? I have to bring this back, right now. I know where it comes from, but I have no idea how you got it, and don’t want to. You did not get it from a bench. Does anybody else know that you have this? Have you read it?” Laden’s throwing questions at me, but not giving me time to answer him. He sounds so serious, so worried.

“Maybe, yeah.” I stand up from the bed, but my legs are so weak that they barely hold me, and Laden reaches out to steady me. For a quick moment, I'd swear that I saw him snicker. “Something is going on here. All the kids feel it, not just me. There's some big secret that I have to find the answer to. Maybe I'll get an explanation as to why we're all like this. Someone knows something. Do you... know something? Are you hiding anything from me?”

Laden kisses my lips softly, and turns to walk out the door, but stops. He tucks Mabel Whitson's file under his shirt. “Don't let any staff know that you know about Mabel... for your own safety, and now, mine. Tell whoever knows about this file, to keep quiet about it. I won't tell anyone about you." He pauses for a few seconds. "I only know that Mabel is there, and that I'm not to tell anyone." Then he walks out the door.

If I wasn't worried before, I am now. I lie down in my bed, pull the covers up over me, and look towards my door, wondering if I should lock it. I decide that I'm too tired to get up, and if someone wanted to get me, it wouldn't be hard, locked door or not; the keys are at the nurses’ station anyway. After all, Laden did say that he wouldn't tell them about me knowing anything.

What did he mean about 'them'? Who is ‘them’? My eyes, unable to hold themselves open any longer, slam shut.

Colours are swirling around me, overtaking the blackness that was there a moment ago. Dammit, I'm starting another vision, and I can't make it stop. The bubble starts moving towards me, closer and closer, until I am completely engulfed. I'm forced to go through it. Where am I? I'm in a room with white paint on the walls. This is a hospital room. I’m so tired, why do I have to do this now?

The chart next to a bed has 'Mabel Whitson' written on it. She's waking up. Her eyes open, and she looks straight at me. “Help me, Laura, please! Take me out of here. I can't run away. They’ll stop me if I try. The drugs are so powerful. I can't help myself. Be very careful.”

I wish I could just pick her up and take her out of here, to save her, but I can't. “What can I do? How can I help you? Give me as much information as you can. Quickly, please!”

Mabel lifts her weak arm and points to the room next to hers. “You will be there. Be careful. You can't escape once you're here.”

“Who is keeping you here?” I hope she tells me.

“He didn't know any better, and now there's no choice. It's in the medicine.” She whispers so softly, then closes her eyes. She drifts off to sleep.

I will myself to the room next to hers, scared of what I might see. There's no way that I'll end up here, no way. I see a girl lying in the bed, flat on her back. She's crying. She's me. OhmyGod! I’m seeing myself in a hospital bed. Ok, stay calm, don't freak out.

As relaxed as I can, I ask myself, “How did we get here?”

“In a vision.” My crying self turns her head, and starts sobbing even harder. “Help us. Combine for truth and justice.”

Suddenly, I'm being sucked backwards. My eyes pop open, and I sit up in my bed. My eyes, they hurt, even to blink. They're burning.

I hop out of bed and rush to the bathroom,, only to stop for a second before I flip on the light. What will I look like now? My eyes were still red from the last sleep-induced vision. How bad will it be now? If they appear how they feel, they’re going to be ugly. I prepare myself.

I flip the switch. I can't see anything but blinding light and redness. The light burns slightly less as my eyes adjust, but the red is still there. It's like looking through a red film. I peer into the mirror, and my knees get weak. I thought that I looked like a monster before? It's so much worse now.

Although everything's red, I can still see clearly, which is hard to believe when I look at my eyes in the mirror. The eyeballs themselves look like they're going to burst from all the blood that's in them. I think every blood vessel has ruptured. The blue in my eyes is now a bright purple. My lids, both the top and bottom, are swollen and also purple. I totally look like I was in a fight with an MMA fighter, and I was too stupid to tap out.

I go back to get my phone and check the time. It's just past 6:30 AM. As fast as I can, I text 'I need to talk to you. I'm coming over', to Tara. Then I slip on my slippers and head for her room.