Colours In Blackness - A New Life - Book #1


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COLOURS IN BLACKNESS - A New Life, Book One in a series of five. Laura is a normal 18 year old girl who's life is flipped upside down after she sees a vision of a tragedy unfold. Later that day the vision plays out exactly as she had seen it. If she were told what was to come, she would never believe it. To help her learn how to control her newly discovered ability she moves into a school/hospital where she befriends other kids who have also developed strange and unusual abilities, some of which can kill. Laura learns how to become a part of the vision. She realizes that she may be able to alter the outcome, but learns there are consequences to those actions. Will she make the right choices? She learns about lies, betrayal, secrets, friendships, love, passion and murder. Between saving lives and digging for the truth, she is torn between two guys. Who will win her virtue; the man she loves or the one she desires? Who can she trust? Is it up to her to save the lives of her friends or will they save hers before it's too late? Book #2 available at smashwords and

ColoursIn Blackness

The whole series is available through Amazon as ebooks and paperbacks :)

Beth Lambert

Excellent book. Well though out and well plotted. Can't wait for the next one...........


This is a great read. Couldnt put the book down. Once the book was finished I had to look up and see what else this author had written. Was happy to read whatever was written.

Emily Sinclair

That was the best bookthat i have ever read, but the puntuation wasnt that great[ neither is mine]


Really enjoyed the book, is there any other books from Tammy Dunning


I loved this book. It's an interesting read. Couldn't wait to see what happened in each chapter. I have all five now and loved them all!


very good book. I will be getting the others

Lewanda Lapierre

This was a very interesting book. i couldn't put it down once i started it. Can't wait to read the second one.


marvellous book this one is. read it twice already. wanna buy the other 4 books now.


Great fast pace book, cant stop until it's over. Waiting for Reprieve and others. Pat


This was a great read can't wait for the next one. Story line is unique and characters well developed and likeable

Ceri Steadman

love this book...could not stop reading it. need the second one now....also Is this in paperback version....or print on demand!!! I need it

Reycel Jane Gangoso

This book is great, a real page turner....^^

Kristin Anderson

Great Book from page 1!

Kelly Gee

Great book! Couldnt stop reading.

Jodie Heath

Loved it can't wait to read the next book.


Loved loved this whole series!

James Yates Sr

Awesome book from an up coming writer .. Excites to read the next book

Dawn Morris

This was an excellent book!!! I couldn't put it down once I started reading it & I will be looking forward to Book #2.

Claudia Lisci

Absolutely Stunning, can't wait to read the other books!

Ria Rodriquez

Great story....kept me entralled and flowed nicely. I look forward to reading 2nd book

Ria Rodriquez

Loved the story flowed easily and kept me entralled to see what would happen next. Great Reading

Tracey Lee

great read, can't wait for the 2nd book

Harisah Mukati

It's gud but it seems to be inspired by twilight... The overall story is interesting and different anyway.

claire lumsden

really enjoyed this read just looking for 2nd part

Saskia Corrigan

Bit slow getting into the story, but ended up reading it in one go...


Thoroughly enjoyed. read it in one sitting. looking forward to the sequel.


This book is amazing! I really loved it. Cant wait for a second part!


Very interesting, fast moving!


Reading the firs page made me interested, half way through the first chapter I liked it. To put it this way, I only meant to see what it was like and as my tea went cold I mysticly found myself on chapter three !If you like light reading all well and good, but if you like something that holds your attention then this is deffinately one of those books.Have a read online, you WILL download it !


Tammy Dunning

Colours In Blackness is an entire book series containing five books; A New Life, Reprieve, Desolation, Betrayal and Insight. A New Life is the first book and the one I am offering to you free of charge. I have never written anything before this series so this was an amazing adventure for me. I have learned so much through this journey about publishing books. I had absolutely no idea of how hard it is. After a fall down the stairs, and complications due to Fibromyalgia, I had to leave my factory job. I fight through chronic pain every day. Writing these books has been a real challenge for me. There are many days when I have what I call a foggy brain, where not much is going on up there. These five books were created from a dream I had involving the three main characters; Laura, Laden and Todd. Each book brought new challenges for me in ways I couldn't have even imagined. I have an amazing sense of pride in the characters and how they carry each adventure to a more intense story than the previous novel. The fifth and final book is the one to tie everything up into one complete package. Every lingering question is answered leaving the reader with a smile and a heavy sigh. Please enjoy my tale, and the characters that play it out, for I have fallen in love with each and every single one of them.

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