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Chapter 1
What About Color?
Transcending Your Limitations
If I could, I'd j ust s it her e doing nothin g fo r a w hile, r estin g myself
from all my cares. Then . . . maybe I would get into my car and drive
wherever my heart led me. And if I saw some birds bathing in the sun on the
branch of a tree, I'd stop and join them, soaking in the beauties around me
with no thought of time. Then perhaps, as I melted into my surroundings and
they into me, I might ju st let go of my belief in gravity and f ly with the birds .
With my new wings, I would fly to far places where new scenes of
seashores and mountains would be wa iting. I would enjoy each seashell on
the shore, eac h leaf on the trees and th e energy of everything aroun d me until
my cup was full. Then . . . who knows what I would do, for once I had
experienced a world without limitations I would know that all my dreams
were p ossible and I w ould nev er again be the same. A fter this . . . I couldn't
go back to the old world, because it wouldn't exist, having (now) expanded
my views beyond the old restrictions . . . into new possibilities.
Oh, but I can't take time to sit and do nothing . . . for I must tend to the