Colonel's Book of Jokes and Trivia HTML version

Author's Note
A group of my friends have been exchanging jokes over email
over more than two years. The largest contributor to this joke
inventory is my senior colleague and a close friend of mine
Col. AK Diwakar. The compilation therefore has been named
after him “The Colonel's Book of Jokes & trivia”.
Inspiration of getting these jokes printed came to me when I
used to get tired working and used to browse the jokes sent by
my friend to have a laugh and get back to work. It came to my
mind, as to why not share this with the rest of the world and
make everyone laugh.
Colonel Diwakar did not only make us laugh but also made us
sit-up and think on many topics which never came to our
mind. A poem of an unborn girl child and a write-up on
mother even made us cry. Some tools to find out what we are
and some inputs on general knowledge were a good mix of
enjoyment which I received from him.
I am not sure as to where Colonel Sahib was getting all these
jokes and trivia from, but one thing I am sure is that we all
enjoyed every bit of everything he send, when we read them
for the first time and every time thereafter.
Alok Kumar