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Colonel's Book of Jokes and Trivia

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Published: 4 years ago

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Great book to pass time during travel and laugh out even at hard times. The handpicked trivia is sure to make you a popular speaker if you plan to quote some trivia from this book combined with jokes which are guaranteed to make you cry out of laughter.

sussex pitt

a book worth reading for everyone .i found it extraordinarily different from classic books of same series.most notably,it's consistent with our modern metro life.


enjoyed the book

Robert Walsh

really bad few jokes mostly boring trivia


Jokes and Trivia...I think the joke was on me. Parts of the book were word for word the same as the last "Joke" type book I read. This book did have a few newer jokes and let me enjoy a few grins to giggles. However, several pages were not yet translated into English and had to be skipped over. Actually that was a good thing as the humor from where the jokes originated were not funny where I come from. Then the book took a religious overtone spattered with Chicken soup for the soul know the kind...the little anecdotes of love and cuteness that people forward in e-mails as directed by the sender..."please forward this to all those you love". Several pages were devoted to blurbs that bordered on trivia and tree-hugger material. And, at the end, I was treated to someones opinion of who people are and their strengths etc. if they were born in a certain month....a bit of trivia, the author included ALL months...I spell that...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I invested my time in reading this book based on the title, shame on me.

Ritika Saxena

Awesome book. Never read such a good book of humor. Ultimate choice for a read.


awsm buk lovd it


The best humor book ever, cant believe it didnt get at least 1000 likes

squzzi taylor

Top reading when on the road


i laughed & learned!! it was great!

Carmela Garcia

one acronym fits me the whole time i was reading: LMAO.


omg love this book so funny

madz masangcay

love this to read.:)

ratan deep singh

Its really Awsum....a Must read!!


enjoyable , fantastic book soooooooo humorous


I read this book whenever I want to laugh or simply cheer up :)


i havent laughed that hard in a long time


What a treat...started reading and just couldn't put down...finished in 1 evening and loved it. TY


has some really entertaining jokes


absolutely funny and entertaining!

Rebekah Mills

Hilarious! i haven't found one lie it anywhere! A Stellar read


Good jokes.peps me up when lm down.thks

Glenn M

There are some really funny stories here. I laughed pretty hard at a few of them. Good collection of jokes and trivia.


I am enjoying a lot this reading. thanks.


Alok Kumar

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