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Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)
1) Processors of all computers, whether micro, mini or mainframe must have ...A.
ALUB. Primary storageC. Control UnitD. All of the above2) The hardware in which data
may be stored for a computer system is called ...A. Register B. BusC. Control UnitD.
Memory3) 1 bytes is equal to .....A. 4 bitsB. 10 bitsC. 8 bitsD. None of the above4) The
term 'memory' applies to which one of the following ...A. LogicB. StorageC. ControlD.
Input device5) The first electronic digital computer contained...
1) The ALU and control unit of most of the microcomputer and combined and
manufactured on a single silicon chip what it is called ... A. Mono chip B. Micro
Processor C. ALU D. Control Unit 2) Mini computers are .... A. larger than micro
computer B. larger than micro but smaller than mainframe C. smaller than mainframe D.
all of the above 3) The decreased cost and increased performance of computer
hardware were the distinguishing features of which generation of computer? A....
1) Separate Read/Write heads are required in which of these memory access schemes.
A. Random Access B. Sequential Access C. Direct Access D. None of these 2) The ALU
of a computer response to the commands coming from A. Primary memory B. Control
memory C. External memory D. Cache memory 3) What allows you to print on both
sides of the printers? A. Fuser B. Duplexer C. Toner D. Paper swapping unit 4) A