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This is a work of original writing. I wrote all of it and I
wrote most of it a long time ago. So, don’t believe anyone
who says they wrote something matching something in
this book. They are lying. I’ve read tons of stuff over the
years and I’d know if someone wrote it before me. They
didn’t. Any similarities to any person or event, past or
present, are purely coincidental. However, I am
responsible for any similar events that happen in the
future. Warning: Some of these stories deal with dark or
sensitive subjects because life is like that sometimes for
some of us. I remind you again: this is a work of FICTION;
it’s only true when I say it’s true. Please don’t ask me if
some of the other stuff actually happened because I’ll only
tell you: IT IS JUST A STORY. That’s what writers do: they
make up stuff.
This book was typeset by the author in Cambria and Wingdings 2 fonts. This is a
work of original fiction and drawings by the author, except for the Bible quotes
(thank you, God) and the song lyrics (thank you, Elton, David, John and Paul).
© 2013 Teresa Lynn Paris McDonnell All rights reserved.
ISBN 978-1-291-29756-0
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