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I sighed as she said this and spent the next half-hour getting ready. As we left, I
couldn't help but feel I would never see my home again.
It was midday. The sun barely reached in under the canopy of leaves in the forest we
were traveling through. For nearly half a day there had been nothing but silence between
us. She was mad about this morning, I knew it. I had spoiled my chances with her and
there was no way to go back. I was afraid of what her first words would be; so I dared not
speak at all, least she say something I would regret. The silence though, it was
My ears rang for need to hear something.
"So, what are we looking for?" I asked. She turned and stared at me. I felt myself back
into my shirt.
"I was wondering if you'd keep silent the entire trip," She said. I sighed in relief and
then felt myself blushing.
"I thought you were mad at me," I said.
"Me, mad at you? Why would you say that?" She asked.
"Just a feeling." I paused, suddenly embarrassed. "So, what are we looking for," I said.
She watched me for a few seconds.
"We're looking for a band of lesbians which live in the ancient caves here, I'm selling
you into slavery," she said. I felt beads of sweat roll down my face. "Just kidding. There
are remains of an ancient civilization out here. Just to illustrate how old this one is, coffee
was discovered four thousand years ago, this cave we are looking for is ten thousand
years old."
My mind could hardly comprehend it, something that was older than coffee.
A dark cloud covered the sky. I watched it as it blotted out the sun. The leaves above
me rustled, small raindrops falling between them.
"Come on, we have to hurry. There's a cave on the other side of these trees," She said
as she took my hand and started to run. We ran through the trees in a mad dash to a cave
on the other side. The rain poured down on us, soaking us through. We ran right into the
"I think the rain won't get us here," She said. I looked around; the cave was made of
bricks mortared into place. I felt a tingling on my head, and the world went black.
Looking around, I saw I was in a straw lined cell. There were bars blocking my way out.
"Owww, whoever hit me with the truck is gonna pay," I said. I looked out of one eye;
opening two was far too painful. Across the way were two men sitting on the floor.
Outside, there was a single guard.
"Jailer, did you get the license plate of the truck that hit me?" I yelled out. He smiled a
bit. Somehow the smile made me feel better, even though I had no idea where I was.
"We had to get stuck with a comedian," I heard one of the guys on the other side of the
cell say.
"Hey, I liked that joke. First rate, classic, always gets a smile or a laugh," the other one
"Classic? More like out of style. I wouldn't laugh at that joke if it was the last joke on