Coffee HTML version

Samuel Plahetka
V. 2.01
Yes, I have a version number on the top. I can give you an approximate time line and why.
(plus a small history of this story for those who are interested)
V0.1 Story is born. This story started when my old writing partner and I went out to a
coffee shop way back in 1995 or so (btw, for anyone in Vegas, it’s the coffee shop at
sunset and Stephnie, in the borders, and was fairly late at night) I wrote to where the two
start off. I didn’t know at this time what I wanted to do with the story.
V0.2 wrote further. At this time I was in Seattle and kind of living with an ex-girlfriend from
high school. This was around 1997 or so, between July and October or so. That was a
fairly dark chapter of my life and I turned to writing to help me through it. I started writing
on this story at that time, but no idea how far I had gotten, every page I had written was
ripped up and thrown away by the ex-girlfriends brother (and I made him search a
garbage dumpster for them that day, but they were never found) Also, I had a set of
notebooks (at least three that I can remember) that were stolen from me at this time in
Seattle (At the SeaTac airport). If any of you are in possession of them, I want them back,
no questions asked, one was a green 3 subject notebook that was full, one was a red 3
subject notebook, not full, and one was another green notebook, barely full as I
remember. I’m sure there were 1 or 2 more, but I can’t remember them. I will give a
reward (don’t care if you were the one who stole them, I just want them back)
V0.5 finally finished the story. In 1999 or 2000, I can’t remember, I finally finished the
story. Maybe even 2001. I can’t remember the circumstances though.
V0.7 Got the story critiqued by several writing groups I belonged to. I can’t find the
critiques, so I can’t date them, but it was generally considered a good story but with no
marketability because of the ideas in the story (I have been yelled at by a lot of people
about this story)
V1.0 The Great Experiment. I decided to offer this story for free to see how many people
would read it. I compiled it into a .exe format that doesn’t allow copying or printing and put
it up on the web. It had pictures at certain points of the story.
V1.5 Removed the pictures (made the version too bit), and put it up again, added some
previews of other works I had written.