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Compassion… a word that seems to have been forgotten. Peace and freedom… something we all wish we had.

I want to tell you it can be had: the path of the Zero-Six Contingent has been laid out before you for all to walk if they choose to do so. Devoid of worshiping, secrets and rules that constrict who can follow this unique path... a path to your personal freedom and, in the end, leading to peace for all in this world, a universal church you could say. This Book is the start of something truly amazing. When people come to us, they find not only words of truth and justice by a man walking here among you in the world that goes only by one name - "Neo", you may have heard of him in the past - but they also find a cast of beliefs that echo their own, and some that most people might not have ever considered; this being sentient rights to freedom.

This book was put together to contain in an easily accessible compilation the founding beliefs of the Zero-Six Contingent, the reasons behind the mission and people's faith in Neo. Neo has spent every waking hour of the past five years compiling this Book, showing people this new light and building the Contingent. He was put here to help them find the key to their own truth and a reason to live, to build a bridge to true PEACE in this world.

Welcome to the Codex Veritas Neo.


00002.jpgRead on, and choose to believe if you will.

The Codexis intended to share the compilation of beliefs that encompasses Neo's ultimate Mission; changing the vision of reality, waking people up from the mass blindness that leads to fear, hatred, and ultimately destruction. The message within, however, is meant to be taken however you choose to take it - you can simply read and understand it, and apply it to your own life however you see fit; you can merely dismiss it... or you can read on, and if you feel moved to become a direct part of

spr eadingthis message - helping to show others a new way to see, to show them that the choice and power lies within theirhands - you can contact those of the ZeroSix Contingent and walk the Path beside us.