Codex Junius 11 HTML version

Liber I.43
(ll. 63-67) And two nights after they escaped their foes God bade the noble
prince to make encampment about the town of Etham in the marchlands, with all
his force, a mighty army, and tumult of the host.
(ll. 68-88) With anxious hearts they hastened on their northward way; they knew
that southward lay the Ethiop's land, parched hill-slopes and a race burned
brown by the heat of the sun. But Holy God shielded that folk against the fiery
heat, stretching a covering over the flaming heavens, and over the burning air a
holy veil. A cloud widestretching severed earth from heaven, and led the host;
burning and heavenly bright the fiery flame was quenched. The warriors
marvelled, most joyous of hosts. The shelter of the day-shield moved across the
heavens; God in His wisdom had covered the course of the sun with a sail,
though earth-dwelling men knew not the mast-ropes, nor might behold the yards,
nor understand the way in which that greatest of tents was fastened. So He
showed honour and glory upon the faithful!
(ll. 88-97) Then was a third encampment to the comfort of the folk. The army all
beheld the holy sail, the gleaming marvel of the sky, towering above them. And
all that folk, the men of Israel, perceived that there the Lord of hosts was present
to measure out a camp. Before them moved two columns in the heavens, fire
and cloud, sharing alike the service of the Holy Spirit, the journey of brave-
hearted men, by day and night.
(ll. 98-106) And in the dawn, as I have heard, the valiant- hearted blared forth
their trumpetcalls, in peals of thunder. And all the host, the band of the brave,
arose and made them ready, according as Moses, their glorious leader, gave
bidding to God's people. They beheld their guide go forth before them measuring
out the path of life. The sail governed their journey, and after it, with joyful hearts,
the seamen trod their path through the great waters. Loud was the tumult of the