Codex Junius 11 HTML version

Liber I.3
(ll. 135-143) The day departed, hasting over the dwellings of earth. And after the
gleaming light the Lord, our maker, thrust on the first of evenings. Murky gloom
pressed hard upon the heels of day; God called it night. Our Lord sundered them,
one from the other; and ever since they follow out the will of God to do it on the
(ll. 143-153) Then came a second day, light after darkness. And the Lord of life
ordained a pleasant firmament amid the waters. Our Lord sundered the seas and
established the heavens. By His word the King, Almighty God, raised them above
the earth. The waters were divided under the heavens by His holy might; the
waters were sundered from the waters, under the firmament.
(ll. 154-168) Then came hasting over the earth the third fair morning. Not yet
were the wide ways and spacious tracts useful unto God, but the land lay
covered by the deep. The Lord of angels, by His word, commanded that the
waters come together, which now beneath the heavens hold their course and
place ordained. Then suddenly, wide-stretching under heaven, lay the sea, as
God gave bidding. The great deep was sundered from the land. The Warden of
life, the Lord of hosts, beheld the dry ground far outspread. And the King of glory
called it earth. For the ocean-billows and the wide-flung sea He set a lawful path
and lettered them....
((LACUNA -- two to three leaves missing))