Codex Junius 11 HTML version

Liber I.41
(ll. 2834-2845) And the Hebrew prince, the blessed son of Terah, abode a long
time in the land of the Philistines, wretched and in exile. And the Lord of angels
assigned him a dwelling-place, and the city-dwelling sons of men call that land
Beersheba. There the holy man built a lofty city wherein to dwell, and planted a
grove and raised an altar, and on the altar made ample offerings and sacrifice to
God, who granted him life and blessing under heaven.
(ll. 2846-2849) Then the Mighty Lord made a trial of the prince, and proved his
strength, and sternly spake unto him, saying:
(ll. 2850-2859) "Abraham! Betake thee quickly on a journey, and with thee lead
thine only son. Thou shalt offer thy son Isaac unto Me in sacrifice. When thou
hast mounted the steep downs and the slope of the high land which I will show
thee, there shalt thou build an altar, and kindle a flame, slay thy son with the
sword, and burn his body with black flame, and offer it a sacrifice to Me."
(ll. 2860-2877) He delayed not the journey, but swiftly made him ready. For the
word of the Lord of angels was terrible to him, and his Lord was dear. The
blessed Abraham rested not nor slept nor spurned his Lord's behest, but the holy
man girded him with a grey sword, and showed that fear of the Lord of spirits
abode in his heart. The aged dispenser of gold began to saddle his asses, and
bade two young men journey with him; his son was the third, and he the fourth.
And he went out from his house with Isaac, the lad, according as God
commanded. He went with speed and hastened on the paths of earth, according
as the Lord marked out the way across the waste, until, in gleaming glory, the
dawn of the third day arose over the deep water.
(ll. 2877-2880) Then the blessed man beheld the high hills towering up, as the
Lord of heaven had told him. And Abraham said unto his servants:
(ll. 2881-2884) "Abide ye here in this place, and we two will come again, when
we have worshipped God."
(ll. 2885-2889) And the prince and his son departed across the weald to the
place which the Lord had showed him; the lad carried wood, and the father bare
fire and sword. And the lad, young in winters, spake unto Abraham and said:
(ll. 2890-2892) "Here have we fire and sword, my lord! But where is the fair burnt-
offering thou thinkest to sacrifice to God?"