Codex Junius 11 HTML version

Liber I.40
(ll. 2772-2777) And the boy grew strong and throve and his nature was noble.
Now Abraham had lived an hundred winters in the world when his wife, with
thankful heart, brought forth a son. And he had waited long for that event since
first the Lord, by His own word, announced the day of joy.
(ll. 2778-2783) And it came to pass upon a time that the woman saw Ishmael
playing before Abraham as they sat with holy hearts at meat together, and all
their household drank and revelled. Then said his wife, the noble woman, to her
(ll. 2783-2791) "Beloved lord, and warden of treasure, grant me a boon! Bid
Hagar go forth from among us, and Ishmael with her. No longer shall we dwell
together, if I may rule and have my will. Never shall Ishmael, after thee, divide
the heritage with Isaac, my son, when thou hast given up the ghost from out thy
(ll. 2791-2796) Then it grieved Abraham in his heart that he must drive his own
son into exile; but God, the Just and Righteous, succoured him. He knew that the
heart of the man was heavy with sorrow. The King of angels, the Eternal Lord,
said unto Abraham:
(ll. 2797-2803) "Let care and sorrow vanish from thy heart, and hearken unto the
woman, thy wife. Bid Hagar go forth from this land, and Ishmael, the lad, with
her. And I will multiply his race, and stablish them with ample blessings, as I have
promised by My word."
(ll. 2804-2806) And the man hearkened unto his Lord, and drove them forth in
sadness from his dwelling, the woman and his son....
((LACUNA -- One leaf missing.))
(ll. 2807-2831) "Clear is it that the Just God, Lord of heaven, is with thee,
granting thee triumph by His might and wisdom, and strengthening thy heart with
grace divine. Therefore ye throve in all your dealings, with friend or foe, in word
or deed. With His hands the Lord God prospered thee in all thy ways. That is full
widely known unto the city-dwellers! Graciously grant me now, I pray thee,
Hebrew prince, thy promise and thy pledge, that thou wilt be a faithful friend to
me, according to the kindness I have done thee since, wretched and in exile,
thou camest from afar unto this land. Requite it now with kindness that I grudged
thee not of land or favour. Be gracious to this nation, my people, if the Lord our
God, who ruleth the fates of men, will grant thee to extend the borders of this
people, dealing out wealth to warriors of the shield, and treasure to the brave."