Codex Junius 11 HTML version

Liber I.39
(ll. 2691-2716) And Abraham answered: "I did it not in guile or hatred, nor yet to
work thee any woe. But I was far from mine own people, prince of men, and
shielded me by craft from, violence and death. Since Holy God first led me forth
of old from the home of my lord and father, desolate of friends, I have visited
many a people, many an alien race, and this woman with me. And ever this fear
was in my heart, seeing I was a stranger, lest some foe should slay me, and take
this woman to himself. Wherefore I said that Sarah was my sister, and this I told
the war-smiths everywhere on earth where we two homeless needs must dwell
with strangers. And so I did in this land also, mighty prince, when I came under
thy protection. I knew not if the fear of God Almighty was among this people,
when first I came here. Therefore, with care, I hid from thee and from thy thanes
the truth, that Sarah was my wife and shared my bed."
(ll. 2717-2722) Then Abimelech began to endow Abraham with treasure, and
gave him his wife again; and because he had taken his wife he gave him, to boot,
wandering herds and servants and gleaming silver. And the lord of men said also
unto Abraham:
(ll. 2723-2726) "Abide with us and choose thee a dwelling in this land, and an
abode whereso it pleaseth thee; thee must I keep. Be thou a faithful friend, and
we will give thee riches."
(ll. 2727-2735) And the dispenser of treasure spake also unto Sarah, and said:
"No need hath Abraham, thy lord, to reproach thee, O maiden of elfin beauty,
because thou hast trod my halls. With gleaming silver will I make requital for this
wrong. Care not to go forth from this folk-land, seeking elsewhere unknown
friends, but dwell ye here."
(ll. 2736-2741) And Abraham did according to the bidding of the prince, accepting
the friendship offered by his lord, with love and favour. Dear was he unto God;
knowing great blessedness and peace, and walking in his Lord's protection and
under the shelter of His wings, so long as his life endured.
(ll. 2742-2759) Yet was God still angered against Abimelech for the wrong he
had wrought against Sarah and against Abraham, in severing the bonds of these
beloved, man and wife. He suffered woe and bitter punishment; the maidens,
slave nor free, might not bear children to their lords, but God denied them, till
holy Abraham prayed his Lord, Eternal God, for mercy. And the Lord of angels
granted him his prayer, and for the king restored fertility to man and maid, to
slave and free. The Lord of heaven suffered again their number to increase, their
riches and possessions; and the Almighty Warden of mankind was merciful of
heart unto Abimelech, as Abraham besought Him.