Codex Junius 11 HTML version

Liber I.38
(ll. 2621-2627) Then the brother of Haran departed with his wife and household
and with all his substance to be subject unto Abimelech. And Abraham said unto
men, of Sarah, his wife, "She is my sister," and thereby saved his life. For well he
knew he had few friends or kinsfolk among that people. And the prince sent forth
his thanes and bade them bring him Abraham's wife.
(ll. 2628-2637) Then a second time, while dwelling among alien people,
Abraham's wife was taken from her husband, and given into a stranger's arms.
But the Eternal Lord sustained them as He oft had done. Our Saviour came at
night unto the king as he lay drunk with wine. The King of truth spake unto the
prince in a dream, and in anger denounced him:
(ll. 2638-2641) "The wife of Abraham hast thou taken from him, and for this deed
of evil death shall smite thy soul within thy breast."
(ll. 2641-2652) And, heavy with feasting, the lord of sin began to speak in his
slumber: "O Prince of angels, wilt Thou ever, in Thine anger, suffer a life to fail
which liveth with righteous ways and upright heart, and seeketh mercy at Thy
hands? I questioned not the woman, but she said that she was Abraham's sister.
And I have wrought no evil against her, nor any sin."
(ll. 2653-2666) Then again a second time the Righteous Lord, Eternal God,
spake unto him in his dream, and said: "O prince of men, if thou reck aught of
longer living in the world, restore this woman unto Abraham to be his wife. He is
wise and righteous, and may behold the King of glory and speak with Him. But
thou shalt perish with thy goods and treasure, if thou withhold this woman from
the prince. But if that just and patient man will intercede for thee, he may prevail
with Me to let thee live unharmed, enjoying blessings, friends, and treasure all
the days of thy life."
(ll. 2666-2674) Then in fear the warden of the people awoke from his slumber,
and bade summon his counsellors. Smitten with tenor, Abimelech told them the
words of God. And they feared God's vengeance on that deed, according to the
dream. Then the king in haste called Abraham before him. The mighty prince
said unto him:
(ll. 2675-2690) "Tell me now what evil I have done thee, Hebrew prince, since
first thou camest to our land with thy possessions, that now so fiercely thou
shouldest lay a snare before me. Lo, Abraham! a stranger to this people, thou
wouldest entrap us, and defile with sin. Thou saidest Sarah was thy sister and
thy kin! Through her thou wouldest have done me grievous hurt and endless evil.
We harboured thee with honour, in friendly wise allotting thee a dwelling in this