Codex Junius 11 HTML version

Liber I.37
(ll. 2576-2599) And Abraham, the man of wisdom, went out alone at dawn and
came again unto the place where he had spoken with his Lord. Far and wide he
saw the fatal smoke curling upward from the earth. Pride had come upon that
people and drunkenness, and they became too insolent in evil and bold in sin.
God's judgements they forgot, and truth, and Him who gave them wealth and
blessing in their cities. Wherefore the Prince of angels sent a consuming flame in
punishment upon them. But our Faithful Lord was gracious, and remembered
Abraham, His beloved, as oft He did, and delivered Lot, his kinsman, when the
multitude were slain. Now Lot, the valiant, durst no longer dwell in that stronghold
for fear of God, but he departed out of the city, and his children with him, to seek
a dwelling far from the place of slaughter, and found, at last, a cave upon the
slope of a high hill. And Lot, the blessed, dear unto God and faithful, abode there
many a day, and his two daughters with him....
((LACUNA -- One leaf missing.))
(ll. 2600-2620) Thus did they, and the elder daughter went in first unto their
father's bed, as he lay drunk with wine. And the old man knew not when the
maidens came unto his bed, but his mind and wit were clouded within him, and,
drunk with wine, he knew not the coming of the maids. And the lovely sisters
conceived, and bare sons unto their aged father. Lot's older daughter called her
son's name Moab. And the younger called her son's name Ammon, as the
sacred writings say. Of these princes sprang a countless folk, two famous
peoples. One tribe men call the Moabites, a far-famed race; the other tribe men
call the Ammonites.